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    Can anyone remember the name of the biscuit company who had their factory on Peffermill Road, Craigmillar and made "Healthy Life" and (perhaps) Royal Scots biscuits ?

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    Royal Scots were made by McVities.


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      I remember the factory you mean and I thought you were correct about the Royal Scot biscuits being made there. However, googling suggests it was Simmers.


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        Originally posted by Scotsgait View Post
        Royal Scots were made by McVities.
        Is that where Jim Taggart's boss , The Biscuit came from ?


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          The reason I mention is that ARSSE (Army Rumour Service) mentions a modern nickname for the Royal Scots being "The Broken Biscuits" and I wondered what it meant. It seems to come back to McVities !

          The Healthy Life factory I was thinking of was probably Mitchelhills ?

          Modern nicknames for some Scottish regiments (mostly pre-2006) include:-

          Royal Scots Dragoon Guards - FIJI DG's (the regimental rugby team is full of Fijians)

          Royal Scots - The Broken Biscuits

          Royal Highland Fusiliers - Right Hard F*****s, Jimmy Jimmy Fcuk Fcuks-Punk Rockers-Weegies

          King's own Scottish Borderers - The Bing Crosbies

          The Black Watch - The Black Death

          The Highlanders - The Sheepsh*****s

          The Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders -no current nicknames, so still The Argyll & Bolton Wanderers and The Agile & Suffering Highlanders

          Some other British regiments and Corps had nicknames I found funny (many had very disparaging nicknames based on their initials of course the worst of which I haven't mentioned) including -

          Royal Tank Regiment - The Chav Cav, The Council Cav

          Queen's Own Hussars - Queers On Horseback

          Life Guards - Donkey Wallopers

          The Light Infantry - "Oops wrong house"

          The King's Regiment - Thieving Scouse and Manc Gits

          The Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Light Infantry - Alphabety spaghetti

          The Grenadier Guards - The Dum-Dums (as in singing The British Grenadiers to the word 'dum')

          The Princess Of Wales's Royal Regiment - Di's Guys, Camilla's Gorillas, The Squidgies, Squidgey's Own, Camilla Commandos

          Devon and Dorset Light Infantry - "Shoot that cow"

          The Green Howards - The Dingles (as in that family in Emmerdale)

          The Royal Welsh - Rarely Welsh

          Army Air Corps - Teeny Weeny Airways, Smurff Hats, Blue tac Head

          The Honourable Artillery Company - Have Another Cocktail

          The Royal Logistic Corps - Paramilitary wing of Eddie Stobart

          to name but a few !


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            How about this for a nickname earned

            11th Hussars (Prince Albert's Own)

            The regiment's nickname, the "Cherry Pickers", came from an incident during the Peninsular War, in which the 11th Light Dragoons (as the regiment was then named) were attacked while raiding an orchard at San Martin de Trebejo in Spain. When the regiment became the 11th (Prince Albert's Own) Hussars in 1840, their new uniform by coincidence included "cherry" (i.e. crimson) coloured trousers, unique among British regiments and worn since in all orders of uniform except battledress. This was not in memory of the orchard incident but reflected the crimson livery of Prince Albert's House: Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.
            yeah right


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              Biscuit Factory

              Hi Lachlan. Yes the biscuit factory in Peffermill Road was Mitchelhill's Healthy Life Biscuit Factory. It was built in 1937 and sold to House of Fraser in 1964 after the bread and cake making side of the business was moved into the extended premises in about 1959. I think (not certain) Frasers sold the premises to United Biscuits, operating as Simmers. I believe the premises now produce oatcakes which have been manufactured there since 1966 approx after another business, Capital Oatcakes, was closed and the production moved to Aberdeenshire.