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Mexican food and your impression

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  • Mexican food and your impression

    Hola! to all my brethren in scotland, mi nombre es Alberto Romo!
    i am very interested in how the Scots view South American Cuisine and their impression on the food, culture, and what they like and dont like about latin cuisine .

    i have taken the liberty to view some of the latin eateries you have available to you. it seems they all have the same thing going on. and i fear you may be getting the short straw on this one, for as flavourful and welcoming they may be. i can promise you there is much more to be had and tasted. from the vibrant color of the ingredients to the savory flavor of some of our most prized culinary achievements.

    please us latins are no french. we do not do fine dining and i feel it a insult to latin cuisine when otherwise served. its supposed to be a experience with the whole town. you know every body and everybody knows you. its a party when you eat. a party when you drink. and a party till you sleep.

    i happily await any responses

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    I like Mexican fave restaurant is Mexican and i like the Sol too...(too much some times...hic)

    the only thing i dont like about some of the meals is they use too many beans but thats just me.

    I know its never going to be authentic food we get here just our interpretation of it but apart from travelling to Mexico it all we can get i suppose.

    my mate is from Brazil and she cooks some lovely meals which i really like but ive no idea what they are called.

    I generally eat food from over the world and like most things...

    except sushi....i like my fish cooked at the very least


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      thank you very much for you input

      whilst alot of the south american cuisine is very similar (i.e cuban, brazilian, Argentinean, etc.) are very similar. i can say mexican cuisine is a little similar to spanish cooking, but authentic mexican cuisine .. pops! i mean its banging !

      and a whole lot more i plan on bringing to Scotland.

      and if u haven't antiquated ur self with flan.. ur in for a treat ...



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        I love good Mexican food. Most is bland but I had enchilladas in France and they were quite magnificent. The only problem was the liberal creation and impressive expulsion of gas that was produced during the lengthy night-long (house filling) digestion process.

        Doesn't bare thinking about really but I'd eat those enchilladas again in a heartbeat.


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          Have to admit that it isn't amongst my favourites of the world's cuisines.

          Give me French or Italian or Indian or Greek or even some Arabic dishses, before Mexican.


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            oh enchilladas is the absolute dogs

            second only to fajitas which in my opinion is one of the best food in the world


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              Such enthusiasm is nice to see.
              I'm much more a pithivier sorta wumman...


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                you seen that on come dine with me didnt ya?


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                  What's come dine with me?

                  It's a frenchified meat pie - ie pastry with meat, just like the stuff you were talking about! Can I help it if I'm a wumman of high culinary standards?!


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                    they where talking about it on "come dine with me" yesterday

                    ykno the tv programme

                    i believe you tho....honest


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                      Enchilladas... perhaps I'm contributing disproportionately to global warming.

                      Still, they taste good. I think I'm going to have a shot at making some enchilladas in the near future.


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                        I've taken a LOT of culinary courses - both here and in Europe. I honestly don't know what you are talking about with your comment about come dine with me.

                        Now, if you want to know a recipe for a pithivier, just ask!


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                          Or some cheese and ham chimichangas

                          My son is doing his first year at Gulf Chef School here in Muscat and on Saturday started his internship at the Intercontinental Hotel under Exec Chef Austin (a Jock like us !).

                          Yesterday, though, was a no-go. When he got to the hotel, entry was blocked by demonstrating Omani hotel workers demanding higher wages. I guess that meant no dinner for hotel guests yesterday. Demonstrations for higher wages for Omanis are gathering force in many walks of life. As it is, demonstrations closed down the Crowne Plaza Hotel today.

                          There goes Oman's tourist industry !


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                            How interesting that your son is attending chef school. I love to cook - I've been on courses at lots of culinary schools in the UK and in Europe - Jean-Christoph Novelli for puddings, Anton Mossiman's Academy for various different types of cooking. Le Cordon Bleu in Paris (more years ago than I care to admit!) - and one of my favourites, a Scots chef, Nick Nairn. I've been on a number of courses at his school at the Lake of Menteith.

                            The Gulf is hotting up, eh no? Wonder when the Arab League will actually pull their finger out and address the Libyan crisis - or do more than 'call for' a no-fly zone?


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                              Hi Pol

                              I think cooking is one of the most heart-inspiring skills on the planet.

                              PS on the mid-East, I've posted on the international politics threads.