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Measurements----------------British, Metric and USA

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  • Measurements----------------British, Metric and USA


    4 ounces flour = 125g = One cup
    8 ounces flour = 250g = Two cups
    4 ounces oatmeal = 124g = One cup (scant)
    4 ounces butter and other fats, including cheese = 125g = One stick
    8 ounces butter and other fats, including cheese = 250g = One cup
    7 ounces caster/granulated sugar = 200g = One cup
    8 ounces caster/granulated sugar = 250g = One and a quarter cups
    8 ounces meat (chopped/minced/ground) = 250g = One cup
    One ounce (1oz) = One rounded tablespoon
    One tablespoon of liquid = 3 teaspoons
    One teaspoon liquid = 5ml
    One tablespoon liquid = 15ml
    8 tablespoons = 4 fluid ounces = 100ml = Half cup
    8 fluid ounces = 250ml = One cup (Half a US pint)
    Half pint/10 fluid ounces = 300ml = One and a quarter cups (scant)
    Three quarters of a pint/15 fluid ounces = 450 ml =Two cups (scant) or one US pint
    One pint/20 fluid ounces = 600ml = Two and a half cups


    Bacon rashers = Bacon slices
    Bicarbonate of soda = Baking soda
    Biscuits = Crackers/cookies
    Broad beans = Lima beans
    Cake mixture = Cake batter
    Caster sugar = Granulated sugar
    Celery stick = Celery stalk
    Chipolata sausages = Cocktail sausages
    Cornflour = Cornstarch
    Chips = French fried potatoes
    Creamed potatoes = Mashed potatoes
    Crisps = Potato chips
    Demerara sugar = Light brown sugar
    Dessicated coconut = Flaked coconut
    Digestive biscuits = Graham crackers
    Double cream = Whipping cream
    Essence = Extract
    Farls = Quarters
    Fats = Shortening
    Flaked almonds = Slivered almonds
    Frosting sugar = Powdered sugar
    Glace = Candied
    Golden syrup = Light corn syrup
    Hough = Shank of beef
    Icing = Frosting
    Jam = Preserves
    Mince/minced beef = Ground beef
    Mixed spices = Allspice
    Nub of butter = Pat of butter
    Ratafia biscuits = Almond flavoured cookies/dried macaroons
    Salt beef = Corned beef brisket
    Self raising flour = All-purpose flour with baking powder
    Single cream = Light cream
    Soft brown sugar = Light brown sugar
    Spring onion = Scallion/green onion
    Stewing steak = Braising beef
    Stoned raisins = Seedless raisins
    Strong plain flour = Unbleached white flour
    Sultanas = Seedless black raisins
    Treacle = Molasses
    Wholemeal = Wholewheat

    Utensils and Methods

    Ashet = Meat dish
    Baking tray = Cookie sheet
    Case = pie shell
    Fry = Pan Fry (with fat)
    Frying pan = Skillet
    Girdle = Griddle
    Grate = Shred
    Greaseproof paper = Vegetable parchment or waxed paper
    Grill = Broil
    Jelly bag = Layers of cheesecloth
    Knead = Punch down
    Knock Back = Punch down
    Large pot = Dutch oven or a deep cooking utensil with a tight fitting lid
    Liquidizer = Blender
    Mince = Grind
    Polythene(Clingfilm) = Plastic wrap
    Pudding cloth = Cheesecloth
    Roasting tin = Roasting pan with rack
    Sandwich tins = Round-layer pans
    Sieve = Sift
    Tartlet tin = Muffin pan
    Vegetable mill = Food mill
    Whisk = Beat/whip

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    Similar but Different

    I am glad that you took the time to explain the type of food names and how they are different in the USA.


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      Thanks Babz - I find it interesting that many of the terms that we use in Canada are the same as in the UK. Despite living beside the US, we still retain a seperate cultural identity. Our spelling is the same as the UK, and before metric, we used the imperial system of measurement.


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        i used to work as a bartender for a couple of weeks and if you handed some one a pint that was a couple of milimeters from the top too less you would get screamed at by a drunk ***

        is that the same as in canada ?
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          No - we are too polite for that.


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            Just don't insult our beer or our hockey team.


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              Or mistake a Canadian for an American, right?