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  • Meat Roll Jars

    My meat roll jar has on the bottom T.G.Green Ltd of Church Gresley but that company has ceased to exist.
    The jar is open topped, straight sided, glazed earthenware, approx 4.5" diameter and 7" height.
    It is showing serious signs of cracking and I am trying to source a replacement.
    I think it originates from Aberdeen, where my mother was born, and I would appreciate any guidance on shops/stores that might provide a similar jar that could be used for cooking meat roll (which takes approx 1 1/2 hours simmering with the jar top covered tightly with kitchen parchment).

    Anyone any ideas please?

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    I'm sorry I can't help you source the jar - but Church Gresley is in Derbyshire - maybe a web search for that area might help?


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      Have you tried entering 'T.G.Green Ltd of Church Gresley' or even 'meat roll jar' in a search engine? You never know what that could turn up!

      Good luck!

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        Try looking in this site it has all sorts of info that sounds interesting !!


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          meat roll jar?
          I've never heard of such a thing... !!
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            I thought I'd bump this old thread to see if anyone had success in sourcing a meat roll jar.

            Our's was a Mason Cash item but unfortunately it got dropped and well.................. no lovely meat roll since

            Crockets in Glasgow claimed to have them and sent me an e mail complete with photos attached but when my wife took the trouble to go through to Glasgow, the sales assistant looked at her like she had two heads

            Things are getting desperate now so any help would be appreciated.


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              havent got a clue what a meat roll jar is

              but you might find one on Giyf


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                Is that your homepage Tig ?


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                  most definitely...saves the kid asking me stuff every 5 seconds


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                    Originally posted by tig View Post
                    most definitely...saves the kid asking me stuff every 5 seconds
                    I've saved the link , its' gonna come in handy