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What ingredients are in Black Pudding?

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  • What ingredients are in Black Pudding?

    On verious site you can get a recipy for black pudding but what is in it?
    it looks like something I could buy here in the Netherlands
    But what that has in it is vague to me !

    Can someone reveal the secret?

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    what a thing for a vegetarian to type out....lololololololol

    Got this recipe from a little scottish cookbook

    You need pudding skins !!

    2 Pints Pig or Ox Blood
    1 lb. Chopped Suet
    8 oz. Diced Onions
    1/2 pint Milk
    3 oz. Oatmeal
    Salt and Pepper

    Wash the pudding skins and soak in salty water overnight.

    Put the blood into a bowl and add 1 teaspoon of salt, strain through
    a fine sieve to a larger bowl.

    Stir in the milk, suet, onions and oatmeal and season with salt and pepper.

    Now to fill the pudding skins...tie at one end(with string)and then turn
    inside out.

    Fill it with mixture tie off in equal sausages.

    Place in water that is off the boil, after about 5 minutes prick all
    over with a large needle.

    Boil for 30 minutes...then take out of pan and hang in a cool place to dry.

    To serve you can re-heat by boing in water for 10 - 15 minutes.

    Looking at this recipe makes me feel sick...aghhhhhh


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      Thanks for a quick reply!

      For an explanation I want to tell you this:

      I'm in a club of people who like to drink Single Malt Whisky from various parts of Scotland.
      To make this club a bit more active I came up with the idea of organising a Robert Burns day or evening with soe special Scottish stuf.
      We want to salut the Scotts with this action because they are the makers of this water of life!
      So the 25 of januari we intent to serve The Haggis and try to read some poems from Robert Burns as well.
      After I saw the black pudding my idea was it (again) to make the feast complete with something like this.
      After reading the ingredientslist I hasitate as the eating of The Haggis could be quite enough for a first time!

      Anyway, thanks for the info, and if you have some more recepies (spelling?) wich are very Scottish I (we) would like to hear from you.

      Sorry about the grammar, the malt whisky is partially responsible ;-)

      Greetings from The Hague (The Netherlands)


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        at the risk of sounding stupid,
        do you really eat pigs blood? i mean actual blood?!?!?!
        ever notice "what the hell" is always the right decision.