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Whisky flavoured fudge

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  • Whisky flavoured fudge

    I seem to recall that someone wanted a whisky fudge recipe, I found my old family recipe last night... I haven't made any for a while, as my family always preferred tablet to fudge!

    All measurements are imperial - I know that the US pints are different to ours!

    1 lb caster sugar
    Quarter pint single cream
    Quarter pint evaporated milk
    Three quarters pint milk
    2 oz butter cut into small cubes
    Large measure (double) of whisky

    Mix the milks/cream in a jug. Put sugar in a heavy bottomed pot and add the milk mixture, together with the butter and whisky. Bring to the boil, stirring all the time. When the mixture reaches the soft ball stage you should remove it from the heat and beat vigorously for 2/3 minutes, until the mixture is smooth.

    Pour the mixture into a shallow tin (eg a swiss roll tin)and allow to cool at room temperature. Cut into squares whilst still in the tin.

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    I LOVE YOU!!!!!

    Polwarth THANK YOU!!!!

    I'd managed after a year of searching to find a recipe but it had only called for a teaspoon of Scotch and i knew that couldn't be right!

    With cream and evaporated milk and milk.....!!!!! drooool.... yes this looks very good!!!!!!!


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      mmmmmmm all this talk of food is making me hungrey...


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        I missed this one entirely...yummy....I already do the Irish Cream rumballs (in reality they are whiskeyballs using my rumball recipe) and I love putting Grand Marnier in my chocolate pudding with some orange juice and peel grated in...this now completes my ensemble...along with my liquered cheesecake that is!

        How come when you mix water and flour together
        you get glue?..

        and then you add eggs
        and sugar...
        and you get cake?

        Where did the glue go ?


        You know darned well where it went!

        That's what makes the cake
        Stick to your
        BUTT ;D

        Originally posted by mell
        mmmmmmm all this talk of food is making me hungrey...
        What is the use of intelligence when one lacks compassion for the life around oneself? And what is the point of beauty, when one's heart isn't one's loveliest feature?