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    Hello to all!

    Just curious to know if there are any Steele's out there.

    yes, it is scottish. I recently traced my family tree all the way back to scotland. all the way back to 1720. to William Steele born in scotland in 1720. came to america in 1736. I am ninth generation steele. he came from the steele clan near the border of england and scotland.


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    Family history

    Good morning

    Looking for Harden Steele, Kentucky era 1830's married
    to Winna A. Steele maiden name Howell

    One more question, Is Steele German,Irish,or Scot?



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      My GGF, James Steele, came to Canada from West Linton, Peebleshire (Borders) Scotland circa 1850. He raised his family in Huron Township, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada....mebbe we are related ?


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        I'm a Steele

        I am a Steele from my Dad's mom's father's side. They lived in Dorchester, Ontario Canada in the 1850's.


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          Hi there my husband is a steele we live in New Zealand his father James steele came from scotland. Not sure what year he came to New Zealand. Anyone out there can help me. Would be great if you can cheers keri.


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            I would have thought that your f-i-l would still have relatives back in Scotland, but maybe they lost contact?
            Assuming that your father-in-law was born in Scotland, you should be able to go to the Register General's website. All Scottish births/deaths/marriages are registered there, and you should be able to find out details of where he was born. It would help if you knew the exact year, but an approximate date might be enough! They make a charge, but it is not too expensive.

            At least you would then find out the exact location and this might help you take your research a little further, such as his mother and father's name - at least it would get you back another one generation! Good luck!



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              I am descended from William Steele of Scotland


              I am James Harold Dalton Steele (age 57)living in Manchester in the UK, my father is Harold Dalton Steele (now aged 80), his father was William Dalton Steele (who had 6 children - 3 boys Harold, Clifford and Kenneth and 3 girls Nellie, Elsie and Irene) and his father before him was William Steele who was, I am told, disowned by his Scottish father when he ran off with the household maid. I think he must have been the black sheep of the family!

              One of his brothers my great, great, great uncle went to America but I do not know where. He would have gone to the States - Canada or The USA around the 1850s possibly 1854/5.

              The eldest son of the eldest son inherits the middle name of Dalton and as far as have been told this came from William the elder marrying into the Royal Doulton pottery family - the name was apparently mis-spelt later on one of the son's birth certificates making it Dalton. I cannot however verify this as fact.

              My son, Mark James Dalton Steele will hopefully carry the line of Steele's to the next generation. My daughter has married into the Smith family and my first grandson is Ben Smith.


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                My father in law was James Mcintyre Steele,he was born 1914 in Haggs Stirling I think the address was 33 Anderson Terrace. His dads name was James Steele A coal Miner.His mothers name was Beathea Steele, Her maiden name was Beathea Curragh. James Mcintyre Steele came to New zealand and married Margaret Jane Anderson at the age 46. They had one son Anthony James Steele . we are hoping someone out there can help us find any family left in scotland .


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                  I ran across this old thread, and thought I would reply just in case.

                  My Grandfather was Ray O. Steele born in Kingman , KS in the late 1880s, raised in MO and later lived in Milo, IA He had two brothers, Walt and Garrett, and a sister Minnie. His Father was John Jones Steele born in 1842 in Pennsylvania, if I recall correctly.

                  I have very little family history beyond this other than my Grandfather telling me that we were of Scot-Irish heritage. He also told me that his Father John Jones Steele was a very large man, well over 6' and 300+ lb. The locals referred to him as the Big Scotsman.

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                    Hello and welcome to the site.

                    There are a couple of stickies at the top of some of the fora, with ideas of how to take your research back to earlier generations. Those of us who are Scottish born are in the enviable position of having our family records easily searchable!


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                      Robert James Scott Steele

                      I am Robert James Scott Steele, my father was Robert John Steele born Cadogan Alberta Canada 1916, GF Robert James Steele born to the Manor House Bally Carry N. IRE mid 1800's, GGF Robert Joseph dates unk born to the Manor House Bally Carry N. IRE.

                      We would love to trace our line back. Verbal history says that We are Robert J. Steele for nine generations, eldest male child always a Robert J. Steele, thus never a Jr, or Senoir, etc. From the 1600's we were a direct unbroken line to the Clan Laird, we were Covenanters, the Laird was ordered by the Crown to renounce faith or abdicate, The Laird took his wealth and bought the Manor and farms in Ireland and moved the Family there.

                      Obviously this is verbal history and we only have tracings back to the 1800's. Looking for any contacts to help establish what the history and lineage was.


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                        Sorry, I cannot help with your particular family history, but it would appear that Steel or Steele is considered a seot of Clan Gordon.


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                          Calum Steele here
                          My dad William Steele was born in Renfrewshire in '51 as was his twin David Steele and elder brother Alistair Steele oh and sister Katherine. Grandad was from err I forget the exact place but somewhere in the Low Lands [made for great fun during the war as they accidentally put him in a Highlander Brigade :L] and Granny on the Scottish boarder but the English side.
                          Mums side all come from New Zealand, some of the Steele's albeit very distant cousins are in Aussie but c'est la vie. Mum's side originally [go back a few centuries] come from Scotland though
                          Me im a good old fashioned Englishman though I'm afraid born down in the south east :P