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glasby/gillespie is it scottish

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  • glasby/gillespie is it scottish

    I am trying to figure out where the name gillespie comes from. I believe is comes from glasby with is scottish, does anyone know?

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    Dont know about Glasby, but i dont think its scottish.

    Gillespie is, however! The "gille" part means "servant or follower".


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      re gillespie

      I believe Gillespie comes from the Gaelic word Gilleasbuig (both are pronounced the same way). Gilleasbuig is a traditional Gaelic christian name. Now uncommonly used but not unheard of in Scotland today. Mainly in the West Highlands and Islands.

      The English equivalent is Archiebald.

      I hope this helps.


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        You may want to talk with Marhar, he may have more accurate informantion than I do. But from what I know, there is more Gillespies in Ireland. To be more accurate in Northern Ireland. Most of the Gillespie left Scotland and settled in Ulster around 1670. Gillespie in Scotland was originally “Mac Gill” (Gaelic). It stems from “easpag" which means “Bishop” [son of the servant of the bishop]. Many of the Gillespies belong to the Clan Macpherson, also an ecclesiastical. Keep in mind, however, that not all the Gillespies belong to this clan. Too many times we are too quite to assume that a surname belongs to a particular clan. This is not the situation whatsoever. Many times families would connect to the closest clan available.


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          Gillespie/Glaspey/Glaspell and many more

          There are many variations in spelling for the Ancient Surname Gillespie,
          It comes from 2 Gaelic words "Filid" and "Asbuig" the Filid were druidic bards, attached initially to the courts of the Irish tribal kings, who were called the "Rig" in their Celtic communities.
          Each Rig had an 'honour price' in a legal system where the weight of testimony depended on the witness's aristocratic pedigree. In applying the ancient law of the Celts, the "Brehon" code, a Rig's Filid recited in court from memory his master's genealogical origins to ensure that the Rig's testimony would take priority over that of any of his subjects.
          "Asbuig" means Bishop. FilidAsbuig= Gillespie. The name was first found in the Ancient Kingdom of DalRiada that covered Northeast Ireland and Southwest Scotland including what is now Argyll. It is an Anglicised form of the Irish language Mac Giolla Easpaig and the Scottish Gaelic Mac Gille Easbuig, which are patronymic forms of a by name which means "servant of the bishop". First recorded in Ireland in the year 1175 and in Scotland a generation later in 1199, the name is believed to go as far back as 5th century Ireland. Clan Gillespie official Site for more info