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    Hi all...I have been able to track my linage to Maybole, Ayrshire, Scotland. I have found my great plus Grandfather Quintin Jamieson and Grandmother Katharine Bone. Both resided there in the early 1700's. Even though I know much of my families history I have no knowledge of a Clan affiliation. I have been told either Gunn or Stewart of which Jamieson is both a Sep. I don't believe Gunn was in the Ayshire area but my knowledge of Clans is seriously lacking. Can someone point me in the right direction. Thanks

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    I am a Stewart of Appin, an Argyll clan. Your name is not sept to our Stewarts, or not on any list I've seen. A quick Google seems to say the Jamieson surname may be a sept name for Stuarts of Bute. Perhaps this may give you a lead to your specific family?

    Lots of lowland Stewarts/Stuarts were never actually members of any clan.

    Just to muddy the waters, forgot to say that Jamieson/Jamieson is also an Irish name and that there was much to-ing and froing between the Scottish west coast and Ireland. Perhaps your Jamiesons were Irish?


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      My clan is Clan Gunn and I too am a sept of the clan, although not a Jamieson. I think Polworth could be on the right track in terms of your link with Ireland because at one stage the main residence of the chief was in Kildonan, Ireland. However, the origins of the Gunn Clan were in the very north of Scotland.

      Your name comes from the Gaelic Mac Sheumais- pnm. Jamieson. Mac means son of and Sheumus translates into James.

      At the time of the Highland clearances in Sutherland, many of the Gunn clan were forced to emigrate to New Zealand, Australia and Canada. Perhaps your ancestors chose to relocate to the Argyle region instead. Or they may have been Irish and relocated to Scotland. The Irish were by far the largest group of immigrants to settle in Scotland. With fares from as little as 6d for a deck passage from Ireland to Greenock, emigration to Scotland was a regular feature of Irish life before 1830.

      So from one clan Gunn to another..........Ceud měle fŕilte