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Surname: Lakie, Lechie or other spellings

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  • Surname: Lakie, Lechie or other spellings

    Hello all,

    I'm in Australia and trying to find the Clan my Scottish ancestors belong to.

    My GGG Grandfather was a ship's Captain named Charles Lakie from Arbroath. He left for Australia sometime around 1840 - 50.

    I cannot find the name Lakie or Lechie listed for a Clan, can anyone help?
    PS I'm new to forums so please advise me if I'm doing it wrong

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    A very cursory search on Google shows up liots of info re the surname Leckie. It would appear that it originates in Dumbartonshire and is claimed as a sept of Clan Gregor.


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      Not an experienced geneologist, yet!

      So far my Google searches give me lots of web pages wanting me to spend money on their products.

      What I'm trying to do is real research. I am not experienced in this, as I noted in my original post.

      Thanks for your comments


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        Hi Kat and welcome

        I think Polwarth's suggestions are very valid and useful. The spelling of names often changes over time; it seems reasonable to suggest that Lakie and Leckie are variations of the same name.

        Clan Gregor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia