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  • Davis?

    One of my four grandparents is named Davis. It is an extremely common surname here in the US. My mother has done a lot of genealogical research for her side and my dad's side of the family. She has been able to trace our Davis line back to a man born, evidently, in Virginia, between 1800 and 1830. We do not have records before that for his line.

    My research has shown that Davis can be a Welsh, English, or Scottish name. The Clan Davidson society claims Davis as one of Davidson's Septs. Looking at photos of some of my Davis ancestors, I can tell myself they look a bit Scottish, but there's no real way to know.

    Does anybody know of any direct-descended Scottish Davises? Is the name initially from only one of the three places (Scotland, England, Wales) or did it appear spontaneously in more than one place?

    Any info would be appreciated.
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    It is a widespread British name, and although it is a Scots name, I always think of it as primarily Welsh. I don't have any Davis, Davies or Davidsons in my ancestry, as far as I know.