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Looking for family (Laurenson)

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  • Looking for family (Laurenson)

    I am looking for my father's family. My grandfather's was Thomas Laurenson I believe my grandmother was Sarah H(last name began). My father was Herbert Carl Laurenson him and my mother went over to the Shetlands to see his family. After a long search he found the family he was looking for. The sad part is my dad past away a few years ago and my mom has developed dementia. We can not find the book my dad put all the contact information of our family in Shetland Scotland.

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    I done a quick phone search and came back with the below, all with the same surname as your Grandfather - 1 of the 16 if not more may be related

    Shetlands - nice people

    Best of luck, let me know how it works out.

    Thomas Laurenson - UK address and phone number -