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    Morning Folks;
    Would you please help educate me as to the status of the Anderson clan and all the pertinent info / history that brings it to the current status?

    I know there is no official Clan Chief and hasn't been for 300+ years? There was a attempt a revving than clan chief status? but it was been lost?

    I am currently trying to connect my ancestry form the states back to Scotland. My Maternal side is Anderson, and my Paternal side is Irish (Gard, for Cork County)

    SO my eyes and ears are open and my mouth shut!!

    Greg S.
    Scottish/Irish spirit, American Heart!

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    The following links to the Anderson info on Rampant Scotland Directory which has further links mentioned. RS is a Scottish site.

    Another site which used to be based in Scotland, but the owner moved to either Canada or the USA is Electric Scotland is all about the history of Scotland and the Scots.. I have not visited it for many years, so cannot speak from recent personal knowledge. The latter site freely admits they post info as submitted, they do not verify anything, so always check info against that obtained elsewhere