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    Hello Scotland members,I need details about the early McGee's to better understand the McGee family better.There is a lot of details that I am lacking about the family.The reason I need and want to know about the family is because my friend Gunner McGee doesn't know half of his family members and he has some problems and that hurts me too.I have some basic information that more than likely can be of help to those that are willing to help me.Gunner Blake McGee was born on January 10,1991 his father was Nicholas McGee and he got killed in a car accident in 1997,he was married to a wonderful lady named Kimberly Yates and his grandfather's name is Martin McGee he is in his mid 70's and had open heart surgery two years ago;He is married to a wonderful woman named Judy.Gunner has several uncles and 1 aunt that I know of I will give those names if needed.He is more than likely kin to John McGee.The crest of the McGee family is interesting;it has 3 lions and a knight with green and yellow feathers.There is in fact 2 or 3 family crests for the McGee family.All information will be very helpful and astonishing,I am actually working on a book called The Hidden Trails of the McGee Within the reason I chose this title is because some McGee's are private people and they love to hide things even from their family and close friends.I am keeping the book for myself and only certain people will be able to read it.I will definitely appreciate the help,Thank you so much!

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    This reads like a wind-up, but in the spirit of Scottish hospitality, may I point out that Google is your friend? Here's a link to get you started...

    McGhee family - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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      Needing more specific information

      The link didn't help me out much.The McGhee's and McGee's are not related.I want to make a note that Gunner's father Nicholas McGee married Gunner's mother Kimberly Yates.Gunner's grandfather Martin McGee married Gunner's grandmother Judy? I am sorry if I caused any confusion describing the relationships.I will look around on the forum for additional information.The book that I am working on is called "The Hidden Trails To The Heart Of A McGee Within" instead of "The Hidden Trails Of The McGee Within".Thank you so much for your help.


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        mcGee is a variant of Mcghee from the days when spellings were not set in stone.

        You appear to be stalking ONE specific family with this surname. Those of us who live outwith the USA wouldn't have a clue of how to help you with this task.


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          If you can help me let me know I need some information it will help me to understand why they are the way they are.I am not stalking a specific family with this surname.I don't do things like that,I am a nice lady.I do know this though in order for you to be a McGee or to become a lady McGee you have to have smarts in other words you have to be intelligent to become or be a family member.I will rely on my intuition and analytical mind to help me get information about this wonderful but complicated family.I have some information but I do not know if it's trustworthy information.Once again thank you so much for the help.


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            I'm thinkin' you might find out more at an Ireland site.
            Shut up, she explained.