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  • Imrie family?

    Greetings! I'm looking for info on the Imrie family, I believe originally from Perth. My husband's great-grandfather Imrie sailed to the U.S. on a boat that shipwrecked going around the Horn. He was one of only two survivors, and ended up in Napa Valley, California. This name spelling is very unusual in the U.S. and we learned that the family name itself originates from Perth. Any details, anyone? Thank you.

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    Give a look at Strathern District just a wee south of Perthshire.The name is possibly a shortened form of a personal name, Amalric. The first record of the name in Scotland appears in 1329 as Emeric,a Lombard of Flanders who was spoiled or looted by John Crabbe of Berwick. (Black's "The Surnames of Scotland").


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      from Imrie member in California

      Just read your quary, I am doing search on Imrie's too. Have box of information. Have you had any luck with Scottish search? will share. Linda Imrie


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        Imrie Family

        My family name is Imrie and we orginate from Perth, Scotland. If I can be of any further info, please contact me


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          am looking to see what Clan Imrie was in i heard it is with the Maclean's. can anyone tell me for sure


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            It doesn't seem to be claimed as a sept by the MacLeans.
            Clan Maclean Septs


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              Imrie Family from Perth

              My family name is Imrie and we orginate from Perth, Scotland. If I can be of any further info, please contact me

              I have started my family tree and looking for assistance

              Imrie of Perthshire - Family Tree

              If you have any connections or would like to compare notes, please contact me


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                Imrie, Mills, McJanet

                I am connected to John Imrie (poet) born May 28th 1846 at 46 George Street, Glasgow and moved to Canada in 1871. Married to Elizabeth McJanet (native of Ayr) in 1880. John Imrie passed in Toronto 1902.

                John Imrie and Elizabeth McJanet had eight Children Elizabeth Winnifred, John Mills, Margaret Helen, Grace Martin, James Hamilton, William Graham, Robert Dixon and George Herbert

                Parents James Imrie (died in Toronto, Canada 1876) married to Margaret Mills (died in Scotland 1872) and they had eight children, those who survived infancy being Grace, John & James.

                A Brother also a John Imrie was a bookseller in Blackfriars Street Glasgow.

                Family attended Grey-friars United Presbyterian Church, Glasgow