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Cook's in the Clan Stewart?

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  • Cook's in the Clan Stewart?

    Ok, so I have looked at all the messages in the discussion loops. I have not seen anything to answer my questions. I actually have a couple of questions I am hoping that someone (preferably many people) can help me with.
    First, I have seen 'Cook' in as a Sept of the Clan Stewart. But, only in one or two places, most don't put Cooks in any Clan. Is Cook in the Clans system or not?
    Second and much more compicated.....
    My Father grew up being taught that his line comes from the Clan Stewart of Atholl. His father has the badge of this clan in among his things. Now, saying this I have run into a problem, I have trace our family back now to the year 1674. The problem is that it goes back to England (Cheshire County to be exact), and the family is extremely tied to the Quakers Society. Peter Cook of Cheshire Co. came to America on the ship w/ tickets given to him by the Society of Friends (a Quaker society). Is it possible that farther back in time the Cook's I am attached to were in Scotland and were a sept of the Stewarts? I have read that the Cooks started in England tied to the the King once upon a time in some way.
    In any case I am stuck in my searches to 1674, anybody who might read this that has anything past that I would love to hear from you. All the genealogist I've been talking to here who are related to my line are just as stuck as I am. They have no proof of anything past Peter and Elinor Cook. Peter b. 1674 and Elinor's maiden name was 'Norman'.

    Thanks for reading this long winded question....

    Can't wait to hear back from anybody!

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    I have not heard that Cook was a specifically Scottish name, I believe that it is one that falls within the group of trades-type names eg Smith, Fletcher, Cooper - and I think it is agreed that these names were pretty common throughout the British Isles. So, unless you can find confirmation that your Cooks were Scots, who moved into England, it could be very difficult to 'prove' that the family were originally Scottish.

    I am a Stewart of Appin, and I haven't heard that Cook was one of our septs, but I am the first to admit, I may be wrong - and I am sure the more knowledgeable amongst the posters here will be able to give you more information!

    By the way we would say county of Cheshire, not Cheshire county

    Good luck on your quest.


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      Stewart of Atholl

      This clan is having the following septs:

      Stewart of Atholl
      Mac Glashan

      So there is no "Cook" to be found as sept of this clan. It is not to be brought into line with any clan I know. So how is your father related to Clan Stewart of Appin. Could it be that the family member belonging to this clan was female and married into the Cook family changing her name into Cook? Give us some more info, if you have, maybe the solution is very simple, but until now I cannot find it, I am afraid.
      "Wherever the spirit of Montrose may lead me"


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        WOW you guys are good!
        Thank you for such a quick response!

        I knew it was probably farfetched. In doing my own research I just didn't get the feeling that there was a connection. However, I grew up thinking I was Scottish, and I love all things Scottish. I go to the Highland games near me every year. It is going to be hard to start thinking of myself as a Brit. I was looking forward to someday traveling to Scotland, and looking up the history first hand of "my clan".
        What's strange is that I have seen "Cook" in among the septs of Stewart. I just can't remember what site I was looking at. It must have been like you said, a marriage into the Stewarts, or something like that.

        Anyways, Thank you so much for your insight! I do enjoy reading the postings that you and your friends do. You have been a lot of help to a lot of people.



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          Don't give up, Cook! There are so many possibilities. Keep on digging, sometimes it can take years to find out how things are connected. The tiniest trace you find, post it here and we will be here to help you, all right?

          Big hug! There are many Scots named Smith, Miller or Hill. And they are all Scots, they even have a clan connection. So hope is not lost for you either!

          "Wherever the spirit of Montrose may lead me"


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            I know what you mean, I read about a guy who had been looking for information on his family for 25 years and he had only found back to an Uncle in 1905!! Now, I doupt that he had been working on it the whole time, but I understand that it takes patience! I have only been seriously working on research for about 8mos. now and I think that I have done pretty good. I have had a lot of help from relatives I have found on the web, from across the States.

            I have one consulation, my Grandmothers maiden name is Munn. Which is a sept of the Clan Lamont! I have talked to the Clansmen at the games. My Mother will shortly be registered with them.

            I have a couple of pages w/ heraldry from the Cooks:


            and :


            I guess they must be English instead of Scottish like I thought.

            -- Cook


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              Hello, Cook

              I really wish you luck with finding out your family history on this side of the pond....

              However, gonnae dae us a favour.... plase, do NOT refer to the English as Brits..... The British Isles consists of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.....

              I take exception to the term Brits, which was introduced by the IRA to denigrate the English.... I am Scots, I live in the Britsh Isles....!


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                Sorry Polwarth....... Won't let it happen again, I promise!

                Let me correct myself

                I will have to get use to thinking of myself as an English man.

                I am truly, truly sorry if I offended anyone.

                --count me embarrassed!


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                  Hey, don't be so sad. I had a very good friend, his name was Peter Smith and he was the most Scottish Glaswegian I have ever met. The last name of an Edinburgh friend of mine is HILL and he has got a clan connection, too. Just go on digging and let us know what you found out.
                  "Wherever the spirit of Montrose may lead me"


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                    No apology needed! Having read my reply to your earlier post, I think I came over as a little harsh..... it's just that the whole 'Brit' thing is a major irritant to me.... even though it is being used with more and more frequency by our own media....

                    Hohummmmmm, probably just means I'm getting old


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                      Hiya Cook!

                      I am related to the Clan Lamont through my mother's side - so WELCOME!

                      As you may see from the 'Lamont' link, my Lamonts came from Oban - and some are still there! So don't give up! You will love 'belonging' to the Lamonts ...! lol
                      With lots of Love n' Hugs from Singer, Hubby and Benjy
                      Wee Erchy sends Best Wishes for a Hale N' Hearty Hogmonay!


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                        Polwarth I completely understand what you meant!
                        I actually knew it was not the right Slang to use. I don't know why I did used it.

                        Jacobitedreamer, Thanks, I will keep digging. I haven't given up yet. I know I'm a scot. Do you have any suggestions as far as finding something in England to find the true parents, G-parents, etc. of my ancester there? I have tried the websites for the county, and the Quaker websites. They will make me pay for a person to look for records.... I don't really want to. But, I am slowly running out of options, no one in any message boards has looked any further back (or if they did,they didn't find anything) then my ancester who came over to America. I find that strange. Appearently, he was a poor man, would that have to do with it? Still, I would think that he would have siblings or parents on record.
                        Ok now I am babbling! Sorry

                        Singer, Thanks for the welcome! I did see your Lamont string, I am proud to be a decendent of the Lamonts! They had a rouph time of it, it seems. I am amazed that the clan lived on to become so strong. Now it seems that if you are Lamont you are proud! And I don't blame anyone. I think I will be checking in on that string as well.



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                          You could try to contact the English Red Cross, maybe they could help you further...
                          "Wherever the spirit of Montrose may lead me"


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                            Lots of Cooks in England ...

                            ...Hi again! There are lots of Cooks here in England and I'm sure that you will find your British heritage here ...

                            ...As surnames were orginally derived from the persons trade, then hopefully, someone in your family is a really good cook! ...

                            Good Luck with your search and best wishes
                            With lots of Love n' Hugs from Singer, Hubby and Benjy
                            Wee Erchy sends Best Wishes for a Hale N' Hearty Hogmonay!


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                              some evidence of Scottish Cooks in Nova Scotia

                              Hello, I am David Cook, Nova Scotia, Canada and I believe I have some evidence to indicate that some Cooks are Scots. In my case Ulster Scots, actually. My Cooks (William and wife Sidney Holmes) came to Nova Scotia in 1761 and had a land grant at Londonderry Township in Colchester County. They came with the McNutt Ulster Scot group and were Presbyterian. I have been searching for Cook connections in New England and have not found much despite the claims of an educated aunt. I have done the DNA test and have found direct connections in various places in the USA. There is to be a Cook / Staples reunion in the Truro, Nova Scotia in 2011. Interested?


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