Whisky Bars of Edinburgh

ScotlandWhisky and ten bars in Edinburgh have joined forces to promote a product that is a part of the culture and heritage of Scotland, namely whisky. The distillation of whisky, or Scotch whisky, can be traced as far back as 1494. It became a very popular drink, even though at the beginning it was often used by monasteries for medicinal purposes. By 1707, distillers were driven underground as whisky was declared a prohibited product. This did not stop the distilling of whisky, but opened up a market for smuggling.

Authorities realized that to stop smuggling, they needed to legalize the distilling of whisky and did so in 1923, after which smuggling became a thing of the past. Scotland became famous for its high quality of whisky that was distilled in various cities across the country, and many visitors who travel to Scotland, want to taste and enjoy true Scotch whisky. Even though many businesses are feeling the pinch of consumers tightening their budgets, the Whisky Bars of Edinburgh project hopes to bring attention to this age old tradition and create a remarkable whisky adventure for the public and tourists. Ten bars have joined the project, which enables visitors to find some of the best pubs to experience genuine Scottish hospitality by way of a Whisky Bars of Edinburgh map.

The Whiski Bar is one of the establishments participating, as it is famous for stocking more than two hundred and fifty whiskies, from single malts to rare vintage bottles, and being located on the legendary Royal Mile. At the Scotch Whisky Experience, the staff are able to speak various languages and together they cover fifteen, making visitors time at this bar enjoyable as they are able to communicate in their own language. It has over three hundred whiskies on offer and staff is always willing to share their knowledge with customers. Other bars that are as unique as the two mentioned on the Whisky Bars of Edinburgh list include The Albanach, Thompson’s Bar, Leslies Bar, Teuchters Bar, The Abbotsford, Stockbridge Trap and Teuchters’ Landing. Chris Conway of ScotlandWhisky has this to say about the initiative: “Edinburgh is rightly famous for its bars and ‘Whisky Bars of Edinburgh’ brings together ten fantastic examples of where visitors can enjoy a dram in a traditional setting. Each bar has a great reputation for its Scotch Whisky range and staff that have passed the Scotch Whisky training school.” Visitors to Scotland are therefore recommended to get a Whisky Bars of Edinburgh map, and begin tasting the tradition of Scotland.