Venture into the History of the Scottish Highlands

The historic village of Killin sits almost exactly in the center of Scotland, surrounded by the spectacular landscapes of Breadalbane, Scotland’s High Country. Killin is steeped in historical drama, having been the stronghold of the McNabs, and later the Breadalbane Campbells, during the era of Scotland’s history when the true ruling power of the country was in the hands of the clans. It is in this unique setting that the Breadalbane Folklore Center is found.

A beautifully restored mill house, with a working waterwheel turned by the waters of the Falls of Dochart, is home to the Breadalbane Folklore Center. It is here that visitors can discover the myths and legends that shape the true spirit of the Scottish Highlands. The story of Scotland’s clans, their influence on the history of Scotland and their treasures are all revealed at the Breadalbane Folklore Center.

Visitors to Breadalbane Folklore Center will have the opportunity to meet St. Fillan and hear his exciting account of Christianity arriving in Scotland and how he made use of his sacred healing stones when comforting the sick. The center chronicles the lives of the Campbells, McGregors, MacLarens and McNabs, who carried the pastoral staff of St. Fillan before them when going in to battle. The many treasures collected by the clans are on display for visitors to admire.

One of the prized possessions of the Breadalbane Folklore Center is a genuine 17th century claymore sword blade, a once treasured heirloom of the McGregor family. It is believed that this particular blade was taken to Canada in the 1800s by Angus, the son of Alexander McGregor, otherwise known as The Duke of Breadalbane. The blade was handed down from generation to generation in the McGregor family in Canada, finally being returned to Scotland in 2006, whereupon it was presented to the Breadalbane Folklore Center. The blade now rests on display along with many artifacts relating to Rob Roy and the McGregor clan.

Interactive audio-visual presentations relate to visitors the mythical tales which add to the mysterious beauty of the Scottish Highlands. The gift shop at the center offers a multitude of mementos for visitors to take home as a reminder of their visit to the fascinating Breadalbane Folklore Center.