UVF Boss Was Killed at IBROX

UVF Boss Was Killed at IBROX LOYALIST MYSTERY. Witness claims murder was covered up. He tells of attack on stadium staircase. By Russell Findlay A SHOCKED eyewitness has described how a leading UVF loyalist was murdered at Ibrox Stadium – and his death covered up. William Taube’s head was smashed against the marble floor of […]

UVF Boss Was Killed at IBROX

LOYALIST MYSTERY. Witness claims murder was covered up. He tells of attack on stadium staircase.

By Russell Findlay

A SHOCKED eyewitness has described how a leading UVF loyalist was murdered at Ibrox Stadium – and his death covered up.

William Taube’s head was smashed against the marble floor of the Edmiston suite inside Rangers’ ground.

In a sworn statement which has been passed to the Crown Office, the witness claimed he had been pressured to tell police it was an accident.

The witness – who is terrified of retribution – only spoke out as he could no longer live with the knowledge he had witnessed a murder.

He also wants to discover what happened to Taube’s mystery attacker, who he fears was killed in a revenge attack.

Unmarried dad-of-four Taube, 42, was co-hosting a Blue Mist function on a Sunday night in April, 1999.

Guests included several Loyalist prisoners recently released from the Maze.

Security was provided by Taube’s friends, including a leading member of the UVF in Glasgow.

Just after midnight, Taube, of Balornock, Glasgow, challenged an unknown man who was pestering female guests.

The witness, who The Sunday Mail has chosen not to name, says the man lunged toward Taube and headbutted him, causing the two men to fall down the stairs.

As he began punching Taube, he was attacked by a gang of Taube’s friends.

The pair then began fighting again and fell down the second flight of stairs.

This time Taube landed on his back with the man on top of him, cracking his head on the tiled floor.

An ambulance was called and Taube’s assailant was beaten up in the car park before fleeing.

Taube died of head injuries at Glasgow’s Southern General Hospital. His devastated family buried him in the city’s Riddrie Park cemetery.

The witness last saw Taube’s attacker being chased down Edmiston Drive by up to 10 of his associates.

The witness said: ‘One of them told me, ‘He’s a dead man.’ I’ve no idea what happened to him.

‘I was told to say Taube had too much to drink and had fallen down the stairs.

‘I objected but two ex-prisoners at the top table threatened to kneecap me if I didn’t do as I was told.’

During his first police interview, the witness told disbelieving officers it had been a drunken accident.

He said: ‘They knew I was lying because they kept asking if I was under pressure and if I wanted to change my story.’

Several days later, police quizzed him again. This time he claims to have been threatened by an officer.

He said: ‘As I was placed in the holding cell, one said that if I didn’t say it was an accident, Taube’s pals would be told I was holding up the release of his body.’ Following the incident, the witness received death threats and his marriage hit the rocks.

He believes Taube’s UVF pals were told he had changed his statement.

Last night, Taube’s heartbroken mother, Isabella Wallace, revealed she knew his violent death had been covered up.

Most of Taube’s family were not there on that fateful night, although his son William Jnr, 25, and Taube’s common-law wife were present.

Isabella and Taube’s brothers Thomas, 45, and David, 43, believe secrets have been kept from them.

She said: ‘I said there was a cover up at the time and still believe it. William’s death wasn’t an accident.

‘I haven’t spoken to his partner since and I think she knows more than she’s telling us.

‘I even fell out with the police and told one in particular he was telling us a pack of lies – he seemed determined to get it out of the way quickly.

‘I went to the procurator fiscal’s office several months after William’s death and the woman couldn’t get me out of there quick enough.

‘I insisted on a post-mortem but the fiscal said it was only a head injury and that was all there was to it.

‘Even when he got to hospital they left him sitting in A&E for two hours.

‘I don’t know if that’s because they thought he was just a drunk who had been in a fight but I wonder whether they could have saved him.’

Isabella added: ‘Nothing will bring him back but there was more to it.

‘I don’t even have a picture of my boy. I wanted one to put in a necklace but he didn’t like having his picture taken.’ At the time, Strathclyde Police did not release details and officially decided it was a fall.

The fact Taube died as a result of head injuries sustained inside Ibrox Park remains undisputed.

The man in charge of the enquiry into Taube’s death was detective inspector Alan Kyle, now retired.

He said: ‘I remember Taube fell down the stairs from the cloakroom area towards the front door.

‘The circumstances were as we obtained them from witnesses at the time and reported to the fiscal.

‘As for the allegations about a police officer, I had no knowledge of them. If I had been aware, I can assure you I would have investigated it.’

Last night, the Crown Office said: ‘Any new evidence relating to this case would certainly be looked at by the procurator fiscal.’

What an unusual idea, to choose a football place as a venue for your party. I wonder what made UVF guys just happen to chance upon Ibrox. Seems to me that the whole lot of them sound just a wee bit unlikeable. There are better ways to phrase that, but I’m being polite. I’d think the chances of the other guy having been murdered in a revenge attack are pretty high. Can anyone tell me exactly what this “Blue Mist thing is? I doubt if it is named after flowers, as a quick Google might suggest, but I don’t know if it is a sort of Ibrox, ergo Rangers thingy, or a UVF thingy.

So Rangers FC played host to a group of UVF Loyalists and nothing much was made of it in the media. But when a few Celtic fans sing some Irish songs they get slated for it. I wonder how people would react if Celtic were to stage an event which was attended by former members of the IRA? Which would never happen by the way. I thought Rangers ended their sectarian policy back in the 1980s but apparently, they are having some troubles letting go.

I *suppose* anyone could book a room/bar/whatever it is at Ibrox merely in the name of Bloggs and party, and Ibrox management wouldn’t *know* of any dodgy associations.

It would be a strange restaurant indeed that asked you if you had a criminal record whenever you phoned to make a booking. It would be equally strange to regard football clubs as responsible for the activities of each individual supporter. When it was revealed that much of Glasgow’s criminal underclass (Ferris, McGovern, Donaldson, etc) were travelling to Seville to watch Celtic in the UEFA Cup Final, I don’t recall it being suggested that Celtic were, ergo, responsible for much of Glasgow’s crime.

Did anyone suggest any football club was responsible for the said crime? Merely that rogues and ruffians attach themselves to clubs and to perform sly-winking association to such is foolish.

Even when such opinions are clearly, utterly and evidently wrongheaded? Surely the beauty of being intelligent is being able to discern between right and wrong opinions and form rational, evidence-based opinion rather than dull-eyed sly-winking associations and innuendo? Don’t you even see that there’s a difference? At least acknowledge there’s a difference between an opinion formed from various epistemological conduits and one based on kneejerk idiocy.