The Action-Packed Tunnock’s Tour of Mull Rally

If you enjoy the combination of speed, sharp turns and difficult road surfaces when watching a race, you will most likely be a rally racing fan. Rally racing has long been a popular form of auto racing since it tests driver’s skills to the maximum and provides interesting variations in track and speed.

If you’ve been hooked on rally racing for some time now, you may have heard of the Tunnock’s Tour of Mull Rally – a massive rally which is run in Mull, Scotland, once a year. Some claim that the Tunnock’s Tour of Mull Rally is the best rally in the world. While many would be happy to argue against this, the fact remains that the Tunnock’s Tour of Mull Rally in Scotland features some of the most spectacular rally racing track in the world.

The island is filled with single-track public roads complete with hairpin turns, big drops and steep hills. When you join all these difficult little roads together to create a rally course, you suddenly have a rally track that tests the skills of drivers to the absolute maximum! Needless to say, spectators are often glued to their televisions or doing their best to get as much of the live action in as possible. The festivities surrounding the Rally are also a treat and are a big excuse for supporters to enjoy a lively party. No wonder the rally is the Isle of Mull’s biggest event of the year!

By now you may have associated this name ‘Tunnocks’ with your favorite baked food and be wondering if there is any relation between the Tunnocks bakery and the rally. The Tunnocks Bakery in Uddingston, Scotland, is probably one of the most famous bakeries in the country. Their delightful foods are admired and enjoyed by thousands and are easily recognized by their distinctive packaging.

Since the turn of the century this family company has started enjoying massive expansion. Not only does the company now employ 550 members of staff, but they also have been sponsoring the Tour of Mull Rally since 2005. The actual rally is run by the Isle of Mull Motor Club , but the combination of excellent food and action-packed rally circuits is unbeatable. So visit the Isle of Mull between the 12th and 14th of October 2007 and enjoy the Tunnock’s Tour of Mull Rally for yourself!