Scotland: The Scottish Highlands

Few areas of the world provoke a sense of pride in its people as the Highlands provides for the people of Scotland. The mountain range that is the Highlands runs through the north and west portions of the country. An area of great expanse, it is not heavily populated which allows for an area without large development, that holds a picture that is regarded as one of the most beautiful the world has to offer.

The region is home to many of the symbols that represent Scotland. The kilt was first worn by those who protected this land. Its music is similar to that of Ireland, but has a voice that is distinctive for those who are masters of the bagpipes. Other points of interest are it breathtaking views of the lush green hills. Formations that are both rugged and serene, the Scottish Highland’s beauty is one that should be experienced first hand.

Geology of the area is more than just green hills. There are caverns that can be explored, moors that have wildlife unique to the region, such as the narrow-headed ant, and of course the lochs. The most famous being the Loch Ness, home to that famous and elusive monster that roams its waterways.

Many wonderful accommodations can be found throughout the region and can be accessed through this site. For those who love the experience of nature, the Scottish Highland should be on your list. Travel to a place that has been unscarred by human activity and still holds to its traditional ways. Where the people still speak the Gaelic language and possess a hospitable personality that is the heart of Scotland.