In Search of the Loch Ness Monster – Scotland

Who knows for sure if the Loch Ness monster really exists. But if you take any one of the “Nessie” tours offered by boat or bus you’ll have plenty of opportunity to judge for yourself if there’s any truth to the fascinating mystery of Loch Ness.

Most tours take visitors around the perimeter of the Loch, so keep those binoculars handy, just in case! An informative running commentary by your tour guide will shed some light on the history of Loch and on Nessie as well. You’ll soon find your imagination running wild as you scour the surface of this large body of water – hoping to see the angular head of the famous plesiosaur break the surface. A visit to the Loch Ness Monster Museum provides photographic evidence to challenge the skeptics including an excellent 8-minute film that explores the Loch, the monster and Urquhart Castle.

Speaking of which, your tour will also include to the same. The remains of the castle silently sit along the shore. You may not know that the castle’s sad physical state owes more to it being blown up than to the ravages of time. In the late 17th Century the Jacobites laid siege to the Castle, packed it with explosives and lit the fuse. After pillaging of the rafters and other portable effects, the remains fell into the adjacent Loch. It won’t be the first time that visitors exploring the castle climbing its narrow circular stairs were positive they saw Nessie’s long neck break the gentle waves near the shore.

One and two-day tours are offered along the Loch, and both are worthwhile. It really depends on how much time you have available during your vacation. There are several agencies available to book tours of Loch Ness and the surrounding area.

Certainly, there’s more to Scotland than the Loch Ness monster – but if you’ve come this far, don’t miss out on a truly fun and informative addition to your vacation itinerary.