Highland Mysteryworld – Bringing Scottish Folklore to Life

As the thick mist quietly rolls in over the fields and cliffs of Glencoe, a strange atmosphere starts to fill the air, and the mysteries and legends of this historic location in Scotland seem to take on a life of their own. The magnificent mountains of the area, the fascinating gullies and the sheer size of the rock cliffs found in Glencoe, set the scene for remembering myths and stories such as the brutal massacre of the MacDonald family at the hand of the Campbells in 1692. All these intriguing mysteries can be explored and explained by the Glencoe Visitor Centre while the Highland Mysteryworld in nearby Fort William, will unlock the secrets to many folklores and superstitions left behind by previous generations.

One of the great attractions to the small resort town of Fort William is the Ben Nevis Mountain. Standing at a height of 1 343 meters, the mountain is the highest in the whole of Britain and looms down over the town and its surrounding attractions. As the history and culture of Scotland is filled with spectacular legends and superstitions, there is no better location to discover the truth behind these folklores than at the Highland Mysteryworld. But visitors must prepare themselves, as they are guaranteed to run into some of the ghosts from the past.

The Highland Mysteryworld theme park is home to many legendary characters, which are free to roam the grounds as they choose. While walking through the indoor and outdoor theatres, such as the Roots of Rannoch, Astromyth and Clootie Well, visitors are likely to meet a few witches, hobgoblins, mermaids and many ancient people still wandering the grounds. The theme park will transport guests back in time, with the rich smells, bustling noises and sights of Scotland in ancient times. Visitors will be able to sit around in a cavern, and see the legends and mysteries come to life. Tales of joy and tales of fright await the avid listener. And when the excitement of the park becomes too much, visitors can enjoy relaxing refreshments at the Viking Foodship. The Mysterymall Gift Shop has many beautiful and unique souvenirs to take home as a reminder to this truly amazing experience.