Getting Back in the Saddle with Equus Roseisle

Many of us spend at least some time enjoying the pleasures that horses bring during our youth, but as we grow up and other concerns creep into our lives, we end up straying from this much beloved past time. However there is something about horses and horse riding that is so soothing to the soul – something that we desperately seem to be in need of in these difficult economic times we are currently enduring.

If you live in or are visiting Scotland and especially if you are located somewhere near Morayshire, you now have the chance to get back in the saddle and recapture the simple, calming and comforting delights that these four-legged creatures bring with them. Equus Rosiesle is a new horse riding centre that has opened up near Elgin, Moray. It offers everything from structured riding lessons to relaxing beach rides – so even if all you’re after is a great way to beat stress and unwind, you’ll find it on the back of one of their horses as you make your way along some of the absolutely breathtaking beaches found in the North of Scotland. The facility offers beach rides from the Burghead to Findhorn coast and already these rides are increasing in popularity. The facility is very well run, with all the animals well-cared for and carefully selected to ensure they meet the necessary requirements of the various riders who visit the centre. If you’re looking for a more regular stress-busting session, combined with a spot of exercise while enjoying the great outdoors, the centre offers great lesson options. Group lessons are kept as small as possible so that the emphasis can be placed on good tuition and safety.

If you still remember how to ride and feel that you do not quite feel like the more regimented structure of the lessons, Formation Riding is becoming an increasingly popular phenomenon at the centre. These sessions are open to riders of various riding skills and the emphasis is placed on fun and enjoyment without the pressure of lesson structure. Music is played in the background and there is generally a lot of laughter and silliness during the course of the session – clearly a winning combination since the event is a highlight of the week and the numbers of participants are constantly growing. So if you’ve felt the tiniest inkling of nostalgia while reading this post, challenge yourself to get make a date with Equus Rosiesle and get back in the saddle as soon as you can. Whether you go for regular lessons, enjoy a leisurely beach ride from time to time or try your hand at Formation Riding, you’ll find that this kind of R&R is never a waste of money.