Family Entertainment at Macrobert Theatre

Theatre lovers living in Scotland likely already know of the Macrobert Theatre. The establishment has long been known as the premier children’s arts venue in the country. The entire establishment is designed around the many specific needs and wants of children, and so it is perfectly capable of keeping young minds entertained.

The Macrobert Theatre is located on the University of Stirling’s campus grounds. Its location is central to Scotland, making it easily accessible from all parts of the country. What makes it so special, is the fact that it is a dedicated children’s theatre. While most other theatres simply offer productions occasionally for children, the Macrobert Theatre was designed specifically for children, by children. This is seen in the many unique aspects of the theatre, such as the children’s art gallery (the arthouse), the crèche (the treehouse) and the art cinema (the filmhouse). There is also a workshop rehearsal space called the “workhouse”, and a stylish café bar and medium sized theatre known as the “mainhouse”. All these various elements combine to create a truly child-friendly environment that encourages learning and creative ability.

But the theatre is not all about the building itself, nor it is about the many supportive items that may be on offer. It is about the stage productions – and that is something that the Macrobert Theatre has in abundance. The exciting program of events on offer at the Macrobert is designed with young people in mind. Children, youths and families are invited to attend the theatre all year round to enjoy a stimulating program of top-rate theatrical performances. The annual Macrobert Festival is yet another facet of this great little theatre that young theatre lovers can look forward to. No wonder the Macrobert Theatre has a reputation for being the top children’s theatre in Scotland!

Tickets and show-times for the various shows can be viewed and booked online on the theatre’s official website. If you’re planning to visit Scotland with your family soon, make sure that you don’t miss out on this great family theatre. It will no doubt prove to be one of the highlights of your holiday!