Discover the Wonderful World of Science in Dundee

Science is a subject that is considered by many pupils to be a difficult subject. Fortunately for the children of Dundee, in Scotland, science has come to them in the form of the Sensation Science Centre, creating an interactive learning environment that not only educates adults and pupils, but thrills, excites and entertains. Visitors to the Sensation Science Centre in Dundee will be amazed at the imaginative and creative ways that the centre has thought of to teach science to pupils, while having fun.

Sensation Science Centre is as much an attraction as it is a centre for learning. As a family excursion, the centre provides visitors with more than eighty exhibits to explore, as well as demonstrations and workshops. Interesting projects have been put together, giving parents ideas on how to encourage their children’s interest in the world of science.

Special features are also organized throughout the year, such as the Easter Volcanoes Show: Destructive Creation that takes place between the 29th of March to the 20th of April; Easter Show: Morphing Matter from the 29th March to the 20th of April; the Cosmic Dome Planetarium Show from 26 to 27 April; The Ice Show from 17 to 18 May; Summer Exhibition: Great Apes from the 1st of July to the 31st of October; Junior Exhibition: Fossils an Funny Bones from the 1st of July to the 31st of October; Hawaiian Luau Party on the 25th of July; the October Show: Futuristic Energy between the 4th and the 26th of October; and the Sensational Halloween Party on the 31st October.

Throughout the centre, there are many new and interesting things to discover, including how to extract DNA, how to use robotic software, how to solder circuits, how to use robot buggies, the sensational abilities of liquid nitrogen, the use of various materials, a tour the Solar System and even how to dust for fingerprints. With so many different interactive exhibits, it will be hard to decide which activity to try out first.

From nursery school children to adults, all are accommodated at the Sensation Science Centre. With all the workshops and shows that are available, teachers will never run out of ideas for field trips or for the classroom. As an attraction for tourists and locals, the centre is exciting and highly entertaining, and as an educational centre it is invaluable.