Corrie Fee National Nature Reserve

The massive Cairngorms National Park is one of the most significant parks in Scotland due to its magnificent wildlife. It is also home to no less than nine Nature Reserves, with the Corrie Fee National Nature Reserve being one of them. The reserve is owned by Scottish National Heritage and is famous for being one of the best sites in the United Kingdom to view arctic-glacial plants. Not only is it filled with rare and spectacular plant life, but it boasts a collection of wildlife and bird species to match.

With a varied range of beautiful habitats, the Corrie Fee National Nature Reserve is a safe haven for a number of animals, and includes landscapes such as cliffs, grasslands, woodlands, rocky areas and mesmerizing streams and waterfalls. Some of the rare vegetation to be seen in this diverse nature reserve includes alpine fern, Purple Coltsfoot, Woolly Willow and Yellow Oxytropis. Visitors to the Corrie Fee National Nature Reserve will be astounded by the beauty and tranquility of this magnificent nature reserve.

There is no particular time that is best to visit the Corrie Fee National Nature Reserve, as the nature reserve is breathtaking all year round. The Angus Glens Ranger Service is located within the park, so guided tours are available, with rangers sharing fascinating and educational information with their tour groups. The list of animal species within the park is endless, as are the birds, and some of the magnificent and rare sightings include the golden eagles, peregrines, roe deer, sparrow hawks, plovers, grouse, red deer, kestrels, pine martins and skylarks. Bird watching enthusiasts will definitely find the Corrie Fee National Nature Reserve to be a treasure trove of bird species and bird loving visitors increase each year.

The Corrie Fee National Nature Reserve also carries a few distinctions that set it apart from other nature reserves in Scotland, such as being a National Scenic Area, a Special Area of Conservation and a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Visiting the Corrie Fee National Nature Reserve is an inspiring and truly magnificent experience, with stunning wildlife, spectacular landscapes and a rejuvenating peacefulness.