By Horseback, Scotland’s Landscape Unfolds its Glory

If galloping along the broad floors of Scottish glens before reaching a mountain loch, crossing icy streams that touch your horse’s belly, and charging across heather-covered hills and picking your path along the craggy peaks of the sea coast is your idea of a destination holiday, why not consider travelling the country of Scotland from the back of a horse?

The popularity of horseback or pony-trekking holidays grows each year as travellers seek a more interesting approach for exploring a country and hopping off the tourist train. From the mountainous Highlands with its deep and spooky lochs to the coastal stretches of endless beaches, riders can experience Scotland the way ancient knights and warriors once saw this fortuitous country. Pull your horse up quietly and watch a nest of osprey feed from their mother’s beak. Munch on a packed lunch while your horse weeds the local greenery. Breathe in the sharp and pristine Scottish air while your muscles reacquaint themselves with welcome exertion.

Many top quality pony-trekking outfits are family run offering the traveller personal attention and comfortable accommodations each night of a holiday which may last between two days and two weeks. Luggage is transported in many cases. Mounts are matched to riders depending upon their experience and travellers are asked to care for their horse during the holiday. Not surprisingly, many people interested in a trekking holiday come alone, leaving spouses or timid friends behind, yet, by the end of a holiday, friendships are forged with both human and horse.