Billy Connolly`s take on the SNP

Billy Connolly`s take on the SNP According to Conolly, “Braveheart is pure Australian s***e…William Wallace was a spy, a thief, a blackmailer – a c**t basically. And people are swallowing it. It’s part of new Scottish racism, which I loath – this thing that everything horrible is English. It’s conducted by the great unread and […]

Billy Connolly`s take on the SNP

According to Conolly, “Braveheart is pure Australian s***e…William Wallace was a spy, a thief, a blackmailer – a c**t basically. And people are swallowing it. It’s part of new Scottish racism, which I loath – this thing that everything horrible is English. It’s conducted by the great unread and the conceited w***ers at the SNP, those dreary little pr**ks in Parliament who rely on bigotry for support.”

Billy Connolly is a Unionist [email protected] I don’t agree much with the film – it’s poor historically and having Wallace played by an Australian dwarf wouldn’t have been my choice. But to label one of the two main heroes of the Wars of Independence what he did…Says it all about a terribly unfunny has-been, really.

Judged by the standards of his contemporaries, which of course are the only standards he should be judged by, Wallace was no more of a “spy, a thief, a blackmailer – a c**t” than anyone else, so that is hardly a blot on his reputation. Who cares about his character or integrity-he hammered the English and laid the foundations for Scottish independence which is all that matters.

Whilst I don’t approve of the way he’s phrased his comments – when does swearing ever help an argument? – he does make one good point; Braveheart was rabidly anti-English almost to the point of downright racism and couldn’t have helped English-Scottish relations one bit. It is bigotry, and very apparent at that.

Hollywood movies always have good guys and bad guys. Braveheart was no more rabidly anti-bad guy than any other Hollywood movie I have seen. I thought it was entertaining if nothing else. If the English got the role as bad guy for once instead of the Indians, Germans, Commies then tough.

Oh dear, you really do need to see the film again! I’ve got an idea – pretend you’re English when watching it. By the end, you’ll have a good idea of quite how racist the film is. I’m puzzled by your last “point”. Traditionally the bad guys in Hollywood films are English, or at least have English accents no matter what nationality is being portrayed. Again, watch some films and this will become apparent quite quickly.

Is it not the case that there are such a large number of English classically trained actors and they tend to get cast in serious roles as bad guys because their training and experience means they are better suited to such roles.

Billy Connolly hasn’t even been funny for twenty years. His Lotto adverts show how much he has sold out (midn you he stole his act from Matt McGinn’s music show to begin with). Braveheart was a bad film, but it annoyed the establishment since it talked about Scotland being conquered and colonised… As for its portraits of the English, since most in such a film would be attackers and invaders, it’s hardly surprising they didn’t get a good portrait. Not only does B.C. confuse Braveheart with the SNP, but he also thinks it is anti-English for Scotland to rule itself. Does that mean India or Australia getting independence was Anglophobic too?

Billy Connelly is a fantastic comedian in my opinion, so I do have somewhat of bias here.About Wallace – he is being a tad naive. Every person in history has a negative side, Wallace was one of the better ones. We aren’t admiring him per se, more an ideal of freedom from tyranny. George Washington kept slaves – doesn’t make a difference come independence day in the US. As for the SNP, I can only agree with him there. The ‘new Scottish racism’ is rife and populist nonsense like the Daily Record and the Sun pander to it.

What is that there then Nova. I believe that portraying Scottish nationalism as nothing more than racism against the English is itself anti-Scottish racism when it comes from the English. When it comes from Scots like you or Connolly then it is nothing more than despicable. You should be ashamed of yourself. Also, Braveheart was an American movie so how can it be evidence of racism coming from Scots. If the Yanks have a problem with their number one allies and admirers then that really should be something for them to sort out between themselves without involving us in it.

Despite the fact that the SNP has English born people standing and voting for them on a regular basis. Mike Russell is English born, or perhaps you didn’t know that. The guy who used to run the Aberdeen Uni. students association, called Varwell, or something similar had two English parents. The party was also founded by a number of English born people. I could go on…”It’s Billy Connelly we’re talking about here. I doubt he could order dinner without swearing. “Not when he’s receiving awards of the type he used to sneer at… turncoat and hypocrite.

What kind of bigots then?If you want bigots to look in the ranks of Tories and Labour in Scotland. Tories used to get the orange vote in Govan. Labour relies on the sectarian vote and various other dirty tactics. Compared to the two in Scotland, the SNP is thoroughly clean.”True, it was much better, but I maintain he’s still a pretty funny bloke.”WAS funny. Now a has-been. As perhaps his near-namesake on the other side of the fence, Connery. At least Connery isn’t a self-hating turncoat. (Does Connolly even still pretend to be a leftie?)”There are legitimate arguments for Scottish independence. You’ll find that the few English people within the party probably advocate them. That doesn’t take away from the fact that the SNP does rely on bigots to give it anywhere near the amount of power it enjoys today.”Not true, but certainly true, as you demonstrate personally that anti-independence folk often rely on smear campaigns, and downright lies.

Labour activists still tell the Proddies the SNP are “Shinners”, and the RCs, that they’re a Proddie party, and the working class in general that they’re class traitors when not voting for Labour because the SNP are “tartan tories”. The middle class are told that the party is Anglophobic. A smear tactic for all seasons.None of which is actually true. But what is true is that Labour does little for the working class, little for Ireland, and is currently failing Scotland and undermining devolution through Sewell motions.

Oh, I’ve heard it all before that the SNP are racists, fascists, tartan tories and much more. Truth is the SNP is a left of the centre party and in my experience is a democratic party that advocates tolerance and recognises that anyone choosing to live in Scotland regardless of race, colour or religion is very welcome. That the members are not anti-English they just believe Scotland should govern themselves. Nothing wrong with that!. As for Billy Connolly, as someone already said he is a unionist that is so out of touch with his native land who lives in the past. Scotland has moved on since Connolly last lived here, although he still visits he has always come over as anti-Scottish. As for braveheart being anti-English and other films portraying the English in a certain light, maybe there’s a bit of truth there but then that might just be true and if the truth is anti-English, so be it.