A Delightful Day at the Scottish Seabird Centre

In most countries, wildlife reserves and centers are their biggest attractions and in Scotland, the Scottish Seabird Centre is one of those memorable attractions. Located on a beautiful site that has a panoramic view of the restless oceans and beaches below, visitors are able to learn about and see some of the birds of the seas that are not often viewed by the public. The Scottish Seabird Centre is a jewel in regard to seabird conservation and raising awareness of oceans and all their living creatures.

Visitors can reach the centre by bus, car or train from Edinburgh, which is approximately thirty minutes away. It is a magnificent day adventure and the facilities at the centre accommodate adults, children and babies and are fully wheelchair accessible. Displays have wonderful visual, sound and smell features, so that visitors with hearing or sight disabilities are able to enjoy the centre. Guide dogs are permitted in all the areas of the centre.

The centre makes use of the latest technology and cameras that enable visitors to view live feeds of the birds below. They can also zoom in so close that the rings on the feet of the birds are clearly visible. Bird lovers can look forward to seeing a great variety of bird species, such as Bass Rock Gannets, Puffins, Guillemots, Kittiwakes, Shags, Peregrine Falcons, Razorbills and Eider Ducks. Of course these birds to share the ocean with other animals, which can be viewed at the centre, including Dolphins, Grey Seals and Whales.

As an educational centre, the Scottish Seabird Centre also focuses on raising environmental awareness and conservation issues with the youth of Scotland. Interactive exhibits and workshops educate children on the dangers of human interference and the challenges that all wildlife face. Children will also learn what it is like to be a wildlife photographer, and be educated on the patience that is needed when working with wild animals. The centre does not allow direct interaction with the birds, which has ensured that the birds return here every year to mate and to raise their chicks, and visitors are able to share in the miraculous wonder of nature through the centre.

To relax, be educated or just to ensure that a trip to Scotland that includes some of the best wildlife available, visit the Scottish Seabird Centre and enter into the world of seabirds and living treasures of the ocean.