2011 Scottish New Music Awards Nominations

The Scottish New Music Awards has been created to pay tribute to the artists and musicians who have contributed positively to the local music industry. The debut Scottish New Music Awards will the hosted on the 4th of September 2011 at the Classic Grand, which is located in the bustling city of Glasgow. It is going to be evening of glamour and celebrity. The Scottish New Music Awards has just recently released their list of nominees, as well as the name of the artist who will be receiving a lifetime achievement award.

The nominations in the various categories of Scottish New Music Awards are as follows:

Artist of the Year: Dave Arcari, Sandi Thom, Dougie MacLean, Aaron MKD and Findlay Napier.

Jazz / Blues Recording of the Year: Brass Jaw (Branded), Sandi Thom (The Merchants and Thieves), Dave Arcari (Devil’s Left Hand), Paul Towdrow (Newology) and Craig Hughes (Graveyard Full Of Blues: Pennies On My Eyes).

Group of the Year: CoHolic, Metal Tech, Suspire, The Amorettes and Firebrand Super Rock.

Alternative / Indie Recording of the Year: The Ray Summers (Russian Tearoom), Suspire (Salvation Sister), Steven Milne (Chasing Phantoms), The Capitals (Running) and Meursault (All Creatures Will Make Merry).

Roots Recording of the Year: Cheyenne Brown (Parallel Latitudes), Fribo (Happ), Session A 9 (One For The Road), Joy Dunlop (Dusgadh) and Kyle Warren (Wanted).

Folk / Alternative Recording of the Year: Elidh Grant (Masks and Smiles), The Lorelei (Faces), Dougie MacLean (Resolution), Lucy Pringle & Chris Wright (The Speaking Heart) and Mairi Campbell (Mairi Campbell).

Rock Recording of the Year: The Red Show (Hard To Shake It, Hard To Love It), The Amorettes (Haulin Ass), Stuntman Mike (Secret Forces), Day of Days (Indecency) and Millsyeck (Looking Out For Number One).

Cover / Function Band of the Year: Kevin Rodger (The Michael Buble Show), Little Red Wedding Band, Supreme Robbie (Robbie Williams Tribute), Thee Beatles and Nikki Berrie (Miss Ga-Ga).

Punk Recording of the Year: The Plimptons (00s Nostalgia), Bombskare (A Fistful Of Dynamite), The Hostiles (Always Looking Forward), Yeah Detroit (We Are All Our Friends) and Shatterhand (Complacency Is Not An Option).

Loud / Meta Recording of the Year: Metal Tech (Burn Your Planet), Attica Rage (Road Dog), Threshold Sicks (The Scorpion Ensemble), Black Talon (Inevitable Fatality) and Firebrand Super Rock (Firebrand Super Rock).

Frankie Miller Songwriter of the Year: Kenny Herbert and Rab Howat, Dave Arcari, Alec Dalglish, Anthony McIntyre and Findlay Napier.

Urban Recording of the Year: Gav Livz & MC VA (Double 6’s), Obehi (Bittersweet), Werd & Wardie Burns ft Mog (A Declaration), Aaron MKD (Far Away) and Perfect Paradise (Food for Thought).

Record of the Year: Skerryvore (Skerryvore), The Armorettes (Haulin Ass), Dougie MacLean (Resolution), The Lorelei (Faces) and The Ray Summers (Russian Tearoom).

It was also proudly announced that The Sensational Alex Harvey Band will be receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Scottish New Music Awards this year as they are viewed as one of the most important bands to have arisen i Scotland and many bands have been influenced by them. It has been thirty years since Alex Harvey passed away, and yet their legacy still lives on, making them most deserving of this award.