Morrison Bowmore Distillery

Morrison Bowmore Distillers firmly believe that the peat, the rock and the people of Islay have made Bowmore Single Malt the special drink it is. Add to this the age old pure waters of the Laggan River, the patient maturing over decades that Bowmore spends in oak casks and the meticulous hand turning of the barley with the traditional wooden malt shovel - and you have a subtle warm and smoky whisky, one of the finest in the world.

The second oldest distillery in Scotland and the oldest on the wind blown Island of Islay, Bowmore was started in 1779. Its single malt range has won more awards than any other Scotch at major international events. This is a tribute to its consistency as much as its subtle flavor. The consistency is a result of the strict adherence to time honored traditions at the Morrison Bowmore Distillery.

The crystal clear waters of the nearby Laggan River flow over ancient rock and absorb the flavor of the Islay peat. The rich Islay peat plays a significant role in the unique smoky flavor of Bowmore. Not only does it influence the taste of the water, it is used to fire the malt-drying kiln. The malt-man who patiently hand turns the malting barley is just following the traditions of his father, grandfather and great-grandfather before him.

The whisky is matured in the finest Spanish and American oak casks in Morrison Bowmore’s famous vaults below the sea. The whiskies rest here undisturbed for anything between twelve to forty years. This develops the final character and subtle differences within the range of Bowmore Single Malts.

The Bowmore Twelve Year Old Single Malt is a long and complex yet extremely satisfying drink with the smoky character all through. The Fifteen Year Old is a mellow smooth drink with flavors of oak and malt permeating it. The Seventeen Year Old Bowmore has a mild and lingering smooth flavor and has been dubbed the ‘Cadillac of Islay Malts’.

The multiple-award winning Twenty-Five Year Old is a full and rounded Scotch, a gentle, warming yet mellow drink. Even subtler and gentler is the Thirty Year Old, with a myriad complex flavors in its dark depths.

The Bowmore Cask is a strong brawny drink with just a taste of malty sweetness. Bowmore Darkest is a ruby red jewel that has been matured for twelve years in bourbon casks and finished in Olorosso sherry butts. The result is a rich but gentle drink with slow warmth.

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