Ardmore Distillery

Be careful if you admit not to have heard of Ardmore, for it is a common ingredient of many top whiskey blends! Ardmore uses barley with such extreme peat qualities that only the discerning can appreciate its characteristic pungency. Most of the production from the stills of Ardmore is used by independent brand owners, but aficionados can locate the company’s original brands on occasion. You can tell that you have arrived at a significant retail outlet if they have Ardmore in stock!

The distillery is set amongst the verdant countryside of Aberdeenshire, and is blessed with 2 gurgling water courses which feed the mountain springs from which water is drawn for this memorable and aggressive malt. The unit has been in production for over 100 years, and has weathered the ups and downs of global demand through the resilience of loyal industrial and retail customers. Ardmore is a company on which some of the world’s favorite malt whiskey brands depend.

Though you may be more accustomed to one of the blends which use Ardmore’s products, than to its own flagship brands, a visit to the distillery in the beautiful settings of Speyside, is more than worthwhile, for artifacts of 19th century single malt production are remarkably well preserved. That is not to say that Ardmore is entirely old fashioned though, for critical assets are of the latest technological standards. Ardmore in that sense is a pleasing blend of the best of traditions and new production methods. The distillery is a kind of working museum rather than an ordinary production unit, where you can see the history of superior malt whiskey production in action.

Though the Ardmore Distillery started with just 2 stills, 6 more have been added over time. Demand for Ardmore’s products is strong, stable, and growing as well. There is adequate demand to support further capacity expansion, though the management is more focused on retaining the original brand values. A unique sight is the use of a coal furnace for heating even in this day and age. Few distilleries have retained such an energy source, and it may have something to do with the special values of the brand. Ardmore’s own cooperage also contributes to the endearing aroma and flavor of their brand, though casual visitors will find it nearly impossible to extract details of such trade secrets from the taciturn but obviously capable staff!

Ardmore is more than a distillery, and its products are not just fermented beverages. The distillery, its owners, and the people, who work here, embody some of the finest values of Scotch whiskey. You can sense the pride in heritage as you stroll through modern fittings in ancient buildings, and will recall your visit pleasurably with every sip of the superlative product you savor in future!

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