Hatton Castle – A Colorful History

Hatton Castle is located near Newtyle on the East of Scotland. Originally known as Newtyle Castle, it lies east of Perth and South of Kincardine. This restored 16th century tower-house of Central Angus lies immediately to the southeast of Newtyle and ten miles northwest of Dundee. Hatton Castle was built around 1575 by Laurence, the 4th Lord Oliphant and replaced the previous fortalice of Balcraig Castle which is located nearby. Hatton Castle was built on the lands given to Sir William Olifard by Robert the Bruce in 1317 for his support in the Wars of Independence.

The castle is laid out in a ‘Z’ plan, typical of the period. This three storey tower house was home to at least two Masters of Oliphant before it was lost by them. It seems that this castle was built prior to the final phases of planning of the construction of Kellie Castle in Fife. There are many similarities between the two. Hatton Castle featured a large hall on its first floor and cellars and a kitchen with a grand fireplace, in the basement. Hatton was probably used as a model for the design of Kellie Castle which was constructed after Hatton was built

Though originally built by the Oliphants, the castle has known many owners and been an integral part of the colorful history of the region of Central Angus. It did not stay long with the Oliphants and two generations later, around 1620, the Newtyle estates were sold to a neighboring family, the Haliburtons (or Halyburtons) though the exact dates are unclear. It passed from the Haliburton family to the son of Sir George Mackenzie of Rosehaugh. Later, John Lindsay, the 17th Earl of Crawford held the castle on behalf of the Covenanters in 1645. However it was soon captured by James Graham, the Marquis of Montrose.

It is probable that it fell into ruin over the following centuries because of lack of occupation. The Castle was restored by Roderick Oliphant in the 1980’s when he made it his goal to retrieve the ancestral family home. Unfortunately it was lost due to taxes in 1996.

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