Guthrie Castle – Haunting Beauty

One of Scotland’s most romantic castles, Guthrie, is located in Angus County between Edinburgh and Aberdeenshire. The name was probably given for Guthrum, a Scandinavian prince who settled here early in the history of Scotland. Other legends claim the lands were named by an early Scots king when he was served by a fisherman, who ‘gut three’ fish for him. It may also be from the Gaelic ‘gaothairach’, or windy place.

The original castle and a “yett” (entrance gate) were built at Guthrie in 1468 as a rectangular tower block. The Castle underwent modifications over the centuries. In 1760 the Guthrie family left the castle, and moved into a separate home they built nearby. In a masterly stroke of creativity the two were connected in 1884. The result is a finely paneled hall with the oak staircase leading to bedrooms above the well-proportioned west bedroom (Guthrie Suite). The original tower is now the site of the library, Guthrie suite and snooker room.

The castle remained as the Guthrie family residence until the early 80’s. Like all castles worth their salt, Guthrie is also believed to be haunted. The Guthrie clan tartan is a blue- grey and dark blue check with an orange over-check. The 55 room castle was sold to the Penna family in 1984. After 19 years as their private residence, the Penna family has now opened Guthrie Castle to the public. Today it is a popular venue for fairy tale weddings and corporate programs. It can accommodate up to forty people.

The 156 acres of grounds have two gardens the wild flower garden and the walled garden. The original entrance to the Castle, the yett, is at the entry to the wild flower garden. The horse-shoe shaped historic walled garden is home to many lovely species of flowers and floribunda. It is noted for the 160-year yew hedges shaped in the sign of the Celtic Cross. The magnificently groomed lawns and clumps of mysterious woods are perfect for scenic walks leading to the castle’s own Loch. There is also a lovely 9-hole golf course in the castle grounds and a fully equipped Gym in the newest wing of the Castle, formerly the location of the village school.

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