Stuart McHardy

Writer, storyteller, lecturer, poet and musician, Stuart McHardy fits the old Scots idea of “the lad o pairts”, even if it is many years since he was a lad. Whether he is telling stories to children, lecturing on history and folklore or playing and singing music to adults, Stuart is a man fascinated by his own culture. A lifetime’s interest in the literature, language, music and folklore of his native Scotland has led to Stuart writing on many subjects, his research leading him to an awareness that Scottish culture is but one interlinked part of human culture in general. A history graduate, he has lectured on Scottish history and folklore for many years, was Director of the Scots Language Resource Centre, has been a published poet since the 1970s and to date has published twenty-four books, mostly on different aspects of Scottish culture and history, and including the Scots children’s book The Wild Haggis an the Greetin-faced Nyaff and the recent A New History of the Picts.

You can catch his blog at and some tunes and songs are available on You Tube.

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