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MV Jupiter & MV Saturn Rothesay,Isle of Bute, 29th June 2003. [03:30]
In this clip MV Jupiter sails from Rothesay for Wemyys bay. The MV Saturn lies patiently for the Jupiter to vacate the berth before coming alongside. MV Jupiter was the first of a new generation of car ferries built in the 1970s to serve the routes on the Firth of Clyde. These ships, including MV Juno & MV Saturn, came to be nicknamed the "Streakers" because of their greater speed (compared to what had served the area's routes previously) and superb manoeuvrability due to her novel Voith Schneider propulsion units, which greatly reduced loading and unloading times at each end of her route. MV Jupiter was towed away from the Clyde on the 25 June 2011, scrapped in Grena, Denmark July-October 2011. MV Saturn has been withdrawn from service and currently awaiting her fate. In the time elapsed since this video was shot, Rothesay pier has undergone major re-construction. The link span used by the streakers has now been removed and a new link span installed for the stern loading new ferries MV Bute & MV Argyll. The approaches to Rothesay pier have also changed to accommodate these new vessels as has the installation of new flood defence systems.
Tags: MV Jupiter, MV Saturn, Caledonian macbrayne, Rothesay, Isle of Bute, Streakers, Port Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland, MV Bute, MV Argyll, Voith Schneider, Firth of Clyde, Grena, Denmark

Clyde Resorts - Rothesay [02:05]
Sunny weather a long last , enough to take the Calmac ferry MV Argyll from Wemyss Bay to the Isle of Bute and it's chief town Rothesay. Four hours of 'island life' in baking heat , almost Caribbean.
Tags: Calmac, MV Argyll, Calmac Ferries, Rothesay, Isle of Bute, Firth of Clyde, Firth of Clyde Islands, Rothesay Ferry, Wemyss Bay, Days Out, River Clyde, Scottish Isles, Scotland, United Kingdom, Places to Visit, Doon the Watter, Travel, Rothesay Town

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