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Cycling Scotland. July 2004. Escocia en Bicicleta. [04:55]
One of the most beautiful countries I've cycled. 950 Km crossing the Highlands. July 2004

Tierras Altas de Escocia (Scottish Highlands) [04:28]
Selección de fotos tomadas en las Highlands escocesas en julio de 2012. (Collection of pictures from the Scottish Highlands -July, 2012). Música: "Theme from Scotland", Skyedance
Tags: Escocia, Tierras Altas, Scotland, Highlands, celtic, Isle of Skye, Skyedance, Alasdair Fraser, Music, Alba, Caledonia, pictures, fotografías, paisajes, landscape, scottish

Castillos de Escocia / Castles of Scotland [06:04]
Siempre me han fascinado los paisajes de Escocia, en especial esos castillos de belleza increíble. Dejo una serie de imágenes de ellos y de fondo la versión del tradicional tema escocés "Flowers of the forest" fantásticamente versionado por Mike Oldfield en su disco "Voyager". Saludos. --------------- I've always loved the landscapes of Scotland, especially those castles of incredible beauty. I left pictures of them and in the background the the traditional scottish theme "Flowers of the Forest" covered by Mike Oldfield in his album "Voyager". Greetings.
Tags: Flowers of the forest, Mike Oldfield, Scotland, Escocia, Castles, Castillos

VISIT SCOTLAND MUSIC ~ Paul Mounsey. [03:30]
A view of the Scottish country taken from around Scotland. Some of the video was taken by friends. Accompanied by the music North by Paul Mounsey..... I have edited out the guitar section from the middle of the tune. I hope you enjoy viewing
Tags: Scotland, Scottish, Scotia, Ecosse, Escosia, Escocia, Shottland, Scozia, Beautiful, Scenery, Highland, Mountains, Island, Landscapes, Castle, Views, Glen, Loch, Hill, Music, Celtic, Visit, North, Paul, Mounsey, tourism, meditation, healing, Edinburgh, Adv

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