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Hoddam Church Ruins [03:56]
Destroyed by fire on the night of 2/3 February 1975 Hoddam church now stands as an enigmatic ruin steeped in history. For more information please cut and paste the following link into your browser:
Tags: hoddam, hoddom, church, ecclefechann, dumfriesshire, dumfries, and, galloway, Ruins, Church (building), Local Church, Scotland, Glasgow, Praise, Scottish

Agora Gallery Reception, Thursday, June 9, 2011 [04:25]
United in Art: Fine Art from England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales; Portal to Enigma; Substance of Abstraction on exhibit at Agora Gallery through June 25, 2011
Tags: Ireland, Scotland, Agora, Gallery, contemporary, fine, art, opening, reception, new, york, chelsea, aelita, andre, united, in, england, wales, portal, to, enigma, substance, of, abstraction, crumlic, media

Rosslyn, Midlothian. [05:12]
Rosslyn Chapel is a gothic building. It has associations with the Knights Templar. The invention of modern banking is attributed to the Templar knights and claims have been made that the vast lost treasures of the Knights Templar are buried at Rosslyn. Other enigmas at Rosslyn Chapel relate to the "apprentice's pillar". The "apprentice's pillar" gets it's name from a legend dating from the 18th century which involves a master mason in charge of the stonework in the chapel and his young apprentice. The mason does not believe the apprentice can perform the complicated task of carving the column and is enraged to find the boy managed to do the job successfully. In a fit of jealous anger the mason takes his mallet over the apprentice's head and kills him. As punishment for his crime the masons face is carved into the opposite column to forever gaze upon his apprentice's pillar. Rosslyn battle. 8000 Scots defeated 30000 English in 3 battles in the same day. Sir Symon Fraser, Sinclair of Rosslyn and the Red Comyn are the commanders on the Scots side. Sir William Wallace (he of braveheart fame), was asked to be the commander but declined. Robert the Bruce at this time was in Ireland. Hence the battle is not well known in Scottish history - history is written by the winners and the Comyns were rivals for The Bruce claim on the Scottish throne. It has been argued that without this win at the battle of Rosslyn, Scotland's wars of independance would not have continued. Roslyn castle ...
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