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A Guide to Occult Britain: A new eBook on [03:10]
John Wilcock, world traveler and author of more than thirty travel guides, and editor of the Witches Almanac, has compiled a comprehensive guide to occult sites in Great Britain. He describes his journey of research as 'a pilgrimage to awaken lost memories, a journey to rediscover lost wisdom: the occult fire never went out and continues to flicker through legends and allegories, symbols, and sites'. Stonehenge, Avebury Circle, Arthur's Seat above Edinburgh, Glastonbury, the Lligwy Burial Chamber on the Isle of Anglesey, and the tumulus of Knowth are just a few of the ancient sites along with innumerable burial mounds, hill forts, fairy circles, green men, and dragon carvings whose mystery John Wilcock has revived in this unique guide. The author has designed his magical tour around five major routes which take the reader through the South, the West (Devon and Cornwall), Wales, the North (up the east coast, Scotland, the Scottish Isles and down the west coast) and London. Routes have been devised to take the mythologist and occultist through the maximum number of sites in any one area, and specific directions are listed for easy access to each of the individual sites.

Blair Castle - The Scottish Highlands - Scotland, Great Britain [01:52]
Blair Castle in the Scottish Highlands, under the Snow. Filmed by Liberty GB on 13 February 2013

Australia Day - Part 1 - How I enjoyed Australia day 2012. Why isn't there a Scotland/Britain day? [00:55]
Today is Australia day 2013 - have a peek at how I enjoyed Australia day 2012 as I consider the question - Why isn't there a Scotland or Britain day, like this, where everyone gets together and celebrates like that?

Journeys: The Canals of London, England [03:17]
London may be a bustling capital with famous landmarks but venture off the tourist trail and you can spend an afternoon cruising through the heart of Little Venice on the old canals. We passed through scenery unchanged for nearly 200 years. The canals were designed for the old barges that loaded coal from ships that had sailed up the River Thames and then transported the fuel to the underground bunkers of London's power houses. You can travel the 2000 mile canal system up to Scotland but in London we enjoyed a leisurely trip from Maida Vale to Camden Market with a stop at the Zoo and then back to enjoy dinner at the Dorchester Hotel in Park Lane.
Tags: London (City/Town/Village), history, England, tourism, canals, Maida Vale, Camden Market, Little Venice, Grand Union, Regent's Park Canal, Paddington Basin, London Zoo, barges, Piccadilly Circus, coal, River Thames, Scotland, Britain, Dorchester Hotel, Pr

Loch Lomond Cruise [00:17]
Loch Lomond Cruise loich goil glasgow scotland tourism uk united kingdom great britain
Tags: Loch, Lomond, Cruise, loich, goil, glasgow, scotland, tourism, uk, united, kingdom, great, britain

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