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Scotland has three official languages, namely: English, Scottish Gaelic and Scots. The majority of Scotland's people are bilingual and can speak Scottish Standard English. Scottish Gaelic is spoken mostly in the Western Isles. It is believed that about 30% of Scotland's population can converse in Scots and state support for the language is increasing.

Scotland is a country with a culture and language all of its own. Its distinction from other places in the world is clearly seen as you stroll through the streets viewing the road and shops signs both in Gaelic and English. Gaelic words fill the air as you pass by people chatting in the villages and towns. Gaelic translation is no mean feat though. Scottish Gaelic is in every way unique. This exceptional language makes use of only 18 letters from the Latin alphabet. The excluded letters being: j, k, q, v, w, x, y and z. Interestingly, the letter h/H is used frequently in Gaelic words but never to start the word. What also makes Scottish Gaelic translation a challenge is the fact that the word order is very different from most languages. Scottish Gaelic also makes no use of the neuter gender and nouns are always given the male or female gender. Despite these complications in Scotland's Gaelic translation, it is a beautiful and expressive language that will touch your soul.

Scots also known as Lallans is in fact a West Germanic language. Scots has developed into several dialects as listed below:

Doric or North East Scots
Central Scots
South Scots or Border Tongue
Insular Scots
Ulster Scots

It is possible to find translation services for Scotland's peculiar and special languages online. These will often assist you with the pronunciation of Gaelic and Scots words as well as providing you with useful phrases. Scotland's languages are interesting to learn. You will have a truly fulfilling experience learning to master these beautiful languages.


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Enriquez, Jennifer Martinez - 2010-09-20 08:56:36

hi!MS/MR.Nicola me to translate this sentense...language of scotland.....GOOD MORNING EVERY ONE IM J-EARL ENRIQUEZ,5YEARS OLD,PREPARATORY..I REPRESENT SCOTLAND COUNTRY.......hope u reply it...thank u...GOD BLESS

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Nicola Anderson - 2010-03-03 22:05:58

Hi There Could you by any chance translate stand sure or sure footed as it may be known in scittish gaelic into english? Would be greatly appreciated Thanks Nicola

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