Spectacular Stirling and The Trossachs

Stirling is the ideal place to get caught up in the history of Scotland. Not only do tales of historical figures abound here, but the magnificent castle of Stirling rises up against the skyline ready to captivate the imagination. The city of Stirling has a rich history - most of which started around 800 years ago when a little town in the area first received the name of Stirling.

The little town soon gained importance due to the fact that it was situated at the lowest crossing point of the River Forth which meant it could be used to control thoroughfare at this point. Not many years later, William Wallace emerged as a Scottish hero - fighting for Scottish independence from British rule. He never managed to bring about the independence he fought so valiantly for, but his death inspired others to continue the fight. Another two famous historical figures who originate from Stirling are Rob Roy and the Scottish king, Robert the Bruce.

There is much to do in Stirling, but no visit to this city would be complete without a tour of Stirling Castle. It is said that the magnificence of Stirling Castle rivals that of Edinburgh - and since it is open to the public, you can decide for yourself. Much of Stirling Castle's fascinating and bloody history can be learned while on a tour of the building.

Nearby you might find delight in taking a trip to the Trossachs National Park. If you prefer, you can hire a bike or walk the mountains. The area is sometimes called the highlands in miniature and its natural beauty is appealing to most outdoor enthusiasts. There are several small towns nestled in the hills and mountains of the Trossachs which have historical and cultural value. Whatever you choose do, you'll no doubt find Stirling and the Trossachs entertaining and beautiful.


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