Scotch Whisky Distilleries in Orkney

If you are a whisky lover you will no doubt be aware of the fact that the coast of Scotland is home to a number of islands which have played a significant role in the production of this golden liquid over the years. Most of these islands are situated on the west coast of Scotland and many people prefer to visit them one after the other during the course of one or two days. Orkney, however, is on the north coast and is not as easily combined into a whisky tour as the other islands are. Still, it is home to at least two great distilleries and it should certainly not be overlooked if at all possible. Highland Park is the older of the two distilleries in Orkney, having been established in 1798. You get a strong sense of history and class from the minute you enter the distillery gates. Scapa is somewhat younger, having been established in 1885 but it also enjoys a strong sense of history and a great tasting brew.

Highland Park Distillery, Scotland

The origins of the northernmost distillery in the world are heady and colorful. Highland Park Distillery began as an illegal still in the 1790s on a hill outside Kirkwall in Orkney, Scotland. Magnus Eunson of Gallowhill, a church official by day and a smuggler by night, began Highland Park Distillery and using the exceptional waters of the region. This classic single malt distillery is unusual in that it uses hard water, mostly from the Crantit Spring.

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