Simply Amazing Shetlands

To the north-east of Scotland lies a group of just over one hundred islands which make up the Shetland Islands. Although only 29 of them are populated, they have a lot to offer. The largest island is known as Mainland and here you will find stunning beaches, tall cliffs, sheltered alcoves and friendly people.

When you first arrive at Shetland you will no doubt find the cool, clean air and beauty of the wide open spaces enthralling. The people of Shetland have a strong sense of culture and are generally very warm and inviting. There are a lot of activities available in Shetland, so it can be quite a job deciding what to choose!

For one thing Shetland has tons of things of archaeological interest worth
seeing. Because the ground has not been cultivated extensively there are a
lot of remains which are relatively undisturbed. Historical sites worth a
visit are Jarlshof, Mousa Broch and the Bressay Stone to mention but a few.

Another great way to unwind while visiting Shetland is by taking a walk
or trekking. The views are stunning and really, by foot or by horse back is
one of the best ways to view the area. The famous Shetland pony originated
in the Shetland Islands and is now found throughout the world as a
popular pony for children. Mountain biking or cycling is another great way to
view the area.

Other popular activities are fishing, playing golf, diving and kayaking.
The accommodation is relatively well priced. Shetland is the ideal
place to spend some time with a loved one or with your young family. Shetland Islands
is a place where adventure is right around the corner, where romance can be
found in every little hillock and stream, and beauty is everywhere. What
better place could you choose to relax?

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