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Scottish phrases

African leadership should speak out at the UN, US commercial embargo of Cuba should end, Fan Bingbing?s tax practices are not unusual, India?s ties with Russia can survive American interference, Women?s rights are co-opted for their political impact

?It is ... disheartening to observe that not even one of the African leaders in attendance [at the 73rd General Assembly of the United Nations] plucked up the courage to speak poignant truths to the superpowers...,? writes Afam Nkemdiche.

Brazil's election: What's at stake?

Congressman Jair Bolsonaro had an unexpectedly strong showing in the first round of Brazil?s presidential election earlier this month. How did a veteran politician cast himself as the outsider who could save the country? The Social Liberal Party candidate has made a name for himself by praising the nation?s former dictatorship and its use of torture.

US businesses begin to increase services for deaf people

Tax preparer Joshua Beal knows well the challenges that a communications barrier can present when it comes to understanding tax policy and the Internal Revenue Service. Add in the extra challenge of being deaf, and overcoming those barriers can seem insurmountable. ?We have many deaf clients who are overwhelmed by 10- to 15-page-long letters from the IRS regarding a deficiency or outstanding issue,? says Mr. Beal, who is deaf himself.

Combine Flights?