Fantastic Golf Courses in Aberdeen and Grampian

In total, the Aberdeen and Grampian area has 70 golf courses to choose from, which makes this region of Scotland a golfer's paradise. The landscape is beautiful and challenges the golf enthusiast to his full potential. With breathtaking sea views or endless forest lined courses, your golfing experience in Aberdeen & Grampian will be exciting and relaxing. World-class golf courses like Murcar, the Old Moray, Royal Aberdeen and Cruden Bay, attract golfing professionals from all corners to compete in the Championship Tournaments that are hosted here. Some of these courses are steeped in history, as with the Royal Aberdeen Golf Course that was established in 1887 and Old Moray that hosted legends like Henry Cotton and Tom Morris. Visitors will be able to enjoy the tranquility that the courses provide, while walking the fairways that the golfing greats have conquered before.

Cruden Bay Golf Course, Scotland

Located just 23 miles north of Aberdeen, on the east coast of Scotland, is a place once dubbed as Brighton of the North. This is Cruden Bay, where golf is believed to have been played from 1791. Thanks to the Great North of Scotland Railway, which commissioned the course, Cruden Bay Golf Course opened in 1899. They also built a fancy hotel of pink granite to attract tourists. Cruden Bay Golf Course was bought by a group of businessmen in 1950, after the hotel closed down and the same fate seemed to await the golf course.

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Murcar Links Golf Club Scotland

Murcar Links Golf Club in Aberdeen was once described by Golf Monthly writer Barry Ward as having, fairways 'tighter than a taxman's purse!' Its sand hills are legendary and have played a key role in shaping the fairways and greens that are curved around the dunes. The views from this links course along the North Sea are as spectacular as the game is challenging.

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Old Moray Golf Course, Scotland

One of Tom Morris’ masterpieces in Northwest Scotland is the Old Moray Course. Built skirting the southern shores of the Moray of Firth, with a view of the waters from most of the course, Old Moray Course was the first course of the Moray Golf Club which was formed in 1889. A newer course is predictably known as the New Moray Course. Golf was apparently played informally on the grounds next to the courses for many years prior to the club.

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Royal Aberdeen Golf Course, Scotland

Your dream of playing in a pioneering golf course will come true when you tee off at the Royal Aberdeen Golf Club. Founded as the Society of Golfers at Aberdeen in 1780, it is the 6th oldest golf course in the world. The Aberdeen Golf Club was built in 1815 and it was awarded the title Royal in 1903.

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