Discover the Delightful Town of Greenock

Greenock can be found standing proudly on the southern bank of the Clyde River as it becomes the Firth of Clyde. Constituting a section of the Inverclyde Council Area, this burgh is home to over 45 000 individuals. With a history extending back many years, a number of interesting attractions and a very busy harbor, Greenock is a great place to spend a few days whilst in Scotland.

The history of Scotland's Greenock is said to have begun sometime in the latter part of the 1500s. At first it was just a small village focused on fishing. In the following century a pier and breakwater were created on the banks of the Clyde. Greenock became largely involved in shipbuilding. The small harbor was converted into a main port in the very early 1700s. Greenock flourished as many trade ships from the Caribbean came to the port bearing sugar. Records show that by the year 1850 there were some 400 sugar ships docking at Greenock, which had set up some 14 sugar refineries. As the town grew in prestige, so did its buildings, for example the auspicious Municipal Buildings with an impressive 245 foot tower.

Unfortunately, Greenock was badly hit by World War Two. Industry helped build up the town again, but unemployment became a problem in the 1970s and 80s. Efforts have been made in the last few years to redevelop this large burgh and tourism has certainly assisted in this. Several cruise ships stop at the port of Greenock which has a number of interesting tourist attractions.

As Greenock is not a terribly big town, it offers visitors a chance to stroll around and take in the various sights. Friendly residents are always on hand to assist you in finding your destination. As previously mentioned, in its opulent days Greenock built a number of excellent structures. Whilst walking around the town you can look out for the Town Hall, Custom House, churches, Sheriff Court, various mansions and the Watt Monument Library. The Esplanade is a wonderful saunter, which leads to the sparkling waters of the River Clyde. From this fine walkway, you can enjoy spectacular views right out to Kilcreggan and Helensburgh. For more stunning panoramas, make your way to Craig's Top at the apex of Lyle Hill.

Visitors to Greenock will not want to miss out on Underheugh Cottage. This brilliant attraction is actually a working smallholding that is completely self-reliant. The owners organize various activities such as pig-keeping lessons, nature walks, gardening courses and the opportunity to dress up like an ancient Scot and experience what life was like back then. Further cultural experiences are available at the McLean Museum and Art Gallery. Here you can learn all about shipbuilding in Greenock, as well as view a number of stuffed animals. Take time out at the Waterfront Leisure Center with its swimming pool, ice rink and gym. Alternatively, you can engage in some retail therapy at Oak Mall, which boasts some 85 stores.

Those who take the time to visit Greenock with be delighted with this vacation decision. This wonderful town has so much to offer that you will likely want to return for more.


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usajeff - 2013-03-20 21:59:00

We are going there in April on a cruise, how far is the town from the place we dock? Can you walk? Do think we should take the ships tour to Glasgow?
I was stationed in Scotland in 57/68/69 and lived in a hotel in Gourock for a year. I was in Greenock May of 2112 on a cruse ship. I would take the tour to Glasgow or board a train and go on my own. Glasgow is a wonderful place to visit and have some fish and chips. I have found that you will do better on a escourted tour then by your self if you've not been there before. Either way Greenock is not very exciting or quant. I Lived in Dunoon for a year also and took a train and a ferry to visit after 43 tears. It was wonderful. To answer your Queston yes you can walk from the ship but, take a cab to the train or take the tour to Glasgow and you will be glad you did.

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Grace Stewart - 2010-03-13 18:43:17

We are going there in April on a cruise, how far is the town from the place we dock? Can you walk? Do think we should take the ships tour to Glasgow?

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Emma - 2010-02-03 19:00:18

Most people think Greenock is just a little town between Port Glasgow and Gourock and all of us Who live in Port Glasgow, Greenock and Gourock take it all for granted. Only now do I realise how important and pleasent Greenock really is.

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