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The Interest Rates deception !!

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Old 4th February 2016, 15:30
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Exclamation The Interest Rates deception !!

I've come to the conclusion that the people of this nation are being taken for fools by the BANK OF ENGLAND, the reason being is this song and dance they seem to be doing about Interest rates, that they going to put them up.

I can Categorically tell you now! they are NOT going up, tomorrow, next week, next year, even the next decade!!. Right now the Banks are having their cake and eat it, with candles on top and a firework display to keep them amused and they're not going to give this up.

Interest Rates set by the B.O.E is nothing to do with us ! only the Financial Institutions can go to the B.O.E for money and pay a interest of 0.5%, for the rest of us what we pay for access to credit is decided by the "LIBOR Rate" ,That's the London Inter Bank Order Rate to you and me. That decides what we pay for our mortgages, credit cards, store cards, for everything and the Banks were caught rigging not only the LIBOR Rates but the EUROBOR and the WORLDBOR rates ! and all they got was fined! so we paid for that, either as a customer or as a tax payer and to think they wouldn't have been caught if it wasn't for the US Government.So to all you people out there don't fall for the Bull !! the powers that be really do think we are all stupid !!
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Old 10th February 2016, 02:38
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no one goes to jail for these white collar crimes . there is no deterrent
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Old 1st March 2016, 12:30
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Here we go again with Cameron , deceiving the people and with the help of the London based media or the 6 Billionaires who own it all , centralising on that the negotiations were all about welfare benefits of people migrating from other European nations to here ,one in-particular that Romanians were getting child benefit sent back, which was greater than what they would get if they stayed at home.

I'm sure this is true ,but no mention and i mean NO​ mention of what the main negotiations were really about,or should i say what dominated his time, which was getting exemptions for the London based financial institutions of the regulations that are going to be introduced next year to the financial market by the rest of the European Union.

Looks like The City State London are going to stay at number 1 as the most deregulated place in the world and where all the crooks the legal and illegal ones come and stay !! glad their political representative and chums did their job very well indeed !! representing the greed and criminality of the Few !!.
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Old 13th April 2017, 15:06
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Arrow Bank of England 'caught' rigging the Libor Rates

The Bank of England was influencing the major banks setting Libor rates during the great financial crisis, a recording unveiled by BBC Panorama shows. The BBC uncovered that commercial banks were made by the Bank Of England to push the figures down in the midst of the great contemporary conundrum for global financial markets .

The recording potentially calls into question the parliamentary testimonies of former Deputy Governor of the Bank of England Paul Tucker and former CEO of Barclays Bob Diamond.

Libor rates are the basis by which commercial banks calculate interest rates on a variety of products including mortgages and Loans.

Banks have to submit the rate at which they can obtain financing from other banks. According to a conversation in the recording held between senior Barclays manager Mark Dearlove and Libor rates submitter Peter Johnson, the bank was made to report lower Libor rates by the UK Government and the Bank of England.

After Johnson objects to reporting figures that are lower than the market rates, he is told by his supervisor to report the figures lower anyway.

The call between the two occurred on the same day that Paul Tucker spoke with the then-CEO of Barclays, Bob Diamond. The BBC states that the duo discussed Libor rates during the call.

Commeting to the BBC, MP Chris Philp said: “It sounds to me like those people giving evidence, particularly Bob Diamond and Paul Tucker were misleading parliament, that is a contempt of parliament, it’s a very serious matter and I think we need to urgently summon those individuals back before parliament to explain why it is they appear to have misled MPs. It’s extremely serious.”

“The Bank of England is suppose to be assisting the Serious Fraud Office’s (SFO) criminal investigations into Libor manipulation by employees at commercial banks and brokers by providing, on a voluntary basis, documents and records requested by the SFO,”

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