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jebus197 2nd July 2011 11:28

WTF has Ireland got to do with Scotland? Are you saying Ireland would be better off as part of the UK? Are you nuts? Ireland stopped being part of the UK 1921, almost 100 years ago. The fact that they are independent from the UK has nothing at all to do with their current financial difficulties. Their problems, like the problems we are currently having in the throughout the UK, has everything to do with greedy bankers mismanaging ordinary people's money.

Your argument is a bit like saying the reason Greece is in so much trouble is because it is independent of the UK. It makes no sense at all.

The way Scotland can avoid getting into similar difficulties is by learning from these other countries and not making the same mistakes these other countries have made. We can do this through proper regulation of our financial institutions and I am fully confident that Scotland can achieve this goal.

I don't know, people like this annoy me. It's the old Scottish loser attitude. You admit defeat before you have even tried. You are no 'hard Scotsman'. More like a weak treacherous wretch if you ask me.

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