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Global Warming Doesn't Exist

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Old 12th October 2006, 14:23
SlaveNo??? SlaveNo??? is offline
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Global Warming Doesn't Exist

Listen to 'The Ultimate Weatherman':

Lunar calendar predicts rain (stopped by the Church because the methods were considered heathen) ... Katrina happened on a 36 year cycle ... ozone is not depleted and doesn't cause cancer ... carbon di-oxide is heavier than air and so doesn't float up to form greenhouse cover ... all elements are just recycled ... Enron's agenda with 'global warming' and green groups ... 'global climate' doesn't exist ... high winds reclassified to tornados ... re-glaciation ongoing ... Antarctica and Arctic (the planet's feet forever dipping into cold space)will never heat up and never melt ... seasons will merely even out ... NASA, the Moon and Stonehenge ... etc ... etc ...

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Old 6th April 2010, 08:11
albertwigs albertwigs is offline
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The impacts of climate change across world population will not be distributed evenly.Some regions and sectors are expected to experience benefits while others will experience costs. With greater levels of warming, it is very likely that benefits will decline and costs increase. Low-latitude and less-developed areas are probably at the greatest risk from climate change.I want to say that Global warming exits which is responsible for heavy loss of climate and effects adversely on the atmospheric gases.
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Old 19th April 2010, 17:39
viktoria.grah viktoria.grah is offline
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Alcohol in scotland

This post has nothing to do with the topic. Please don't spam existing threads with off topic redirects. ~kv

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Old 25th May 2010, 04:20
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Global warming certainly does exist !

It has been directly linked to erosion of our protective atmosphere layer by vapour emanating from phlegm spat out by Scotland's chain-smokers. Scientists are calling this erosion "The Widbine Effect"

"Woodbine's a rer wee fag (gie's a light, gie's a light, gie's a light),
Woodbine's a rer wee fag,
If it's cancer yer after
Then Woodbine's the answer,
Fur Woodbine's a rare wee fag (cough cough splutter)"
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Old 27th June 2010, 21:08
Saorsa1 Saorsa1 is offline
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Clearly, I'm imagining that the glaciers that have existed for tens of thousands of years are melting.

I must start taking the pills that the oil companies recommend to get my head right.
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Old 27th June 2010, 23:11
wullie m wullie m is offline
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If it's so warm, how come last winter was baltic and everything was a month late? wullie m
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Old 28th June 2010, 18:31
Duthill Duthill is offline
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Even is global warming is a crock of crud ,
we can still make an effort to clean up the earth , the sea and the air .
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